Sunday, April 11, 2004


Happy Easter! I'm not really doing anything "Easter-ly" today except maybe looking for a part-time job, but that's not really "Easter-ly," it's just something I'm planning on doing today.

Anywho... Hubby is at work until tomorrow night... *sniff* so I'm home alone with Ruby and Amber, which is still nice. :) I may go visit him though. Oh wait! I have to go visit him if I want him to do the laundry (his only household chore). LOL. It's in *my* car, and he wants to do it on base. Oh, the laundry, I mean! Not me or my car! I mean... I'm sure he'd want to do me, but... oh, never mind... This is a G-rated diary! Sheesh.

Oh! The other night at like three in the morning, hubby gets out of bed. He's walking up and down the stairs, flipping on lights and opening and closing drawers. I'm thinking, "Is he sleep-walking? Or did he just remember something he needs to do at 3:00 a.m.?"

So... I'm like, "Honey? What are you doing?"

And he answers, "Why?"... Why?! WHY?! WHY?!"

Umm... okay... because it's perfectly *normal* to be up in the middle of the night walking up and down the stairs, flipping on lights and opening drawers.

I decided to humor him and curve my sarcasm. "Why? Well... because I care, Honey. I want to help you find what you need." :) Yeah... I'm a good wife. :) He ended up finding what he needed: campho-phenique for a canker-sore he had on the inside of his lip. Poor guy. Still a funny story though. :)

*emmett* ~ who has *not* been sleeping well lately so ordered a new pillow... but then took the puppies to the park yesterday and so wasn't here when they delivered it so has to wait until MONDAY! Ugh... more sleepless nights. Break out the sleeping pills...

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