Friday, June 24, 2011

Walking Around the House.

So... in addition to finishing the baby's room, we've been doing other projects around the house. Whether it be painting, staining, rearranging, redecorating, I consider all of it "getting ready for baby." Jeremy may or may not agree with me. ;-) Tee hee.

I found an AWESOME oak table on Craigslist (forever ago!) for $40. I know. A steal. I'm excited too. ;-) It seats six of these antique chairs (hand-me-downs from my dad), so I think it's a pretty good size. Yes, it needs work, but at $40? Umm... we can handle the work! ;-)

The table (now covered in a table cloth to hide the... *ahem*... flaws) will be sanded and painted white. The chairs have been sanded, and we're just starting the white-stain process. Then I will reupholster them with fabric I got on clearance (another steal of only $7 for ALL six chairs!!!)...
(The paint sprayer is hanging out here after he finished the first coat of the chair and table for Baby's room.)

Here's a peek of one chair we've already stained (yes, I'm going for the weathered look, and I love how this turned out)...

And here are poms that are still hanging up after my baby shower. LOL. I like how they look. Tee hee. :-p

This china cabinet came from Jeremy's grandparents' house. Umm... it's been 1/2 primed for like... a year now. Oops. I DID tape it off to finish, but then Jeremy was like, "Oh, that glass just pops out." Umm... okay. LOL. It will be painted off-white. We'll get to it! ;-)

This trunk... I found at Ross or TJ Maxx for $35. We use this as our coffee table. The tray was at a consignment store for about $5. The bowl and coaster set are from a thrift store. The seashells are from our front yard in Rhode Island. LOL. ;-) (And that's our Shutterfly wedding album there too. Awwww! ;-) )

The side table (a hand-me-down from my dad... I BEGGED him for it. I love it so.) holds glass jars (I just washed out food jars), some silk tulips and some 1950's photos of my dad. That little basket holds cat/dog toys.

I have some more vases/glass jars on our bookshelves. They're mainly filled with flowers, rocks, sand and shells. I like the beachy thing. I miss our beach.

The small baskets (with the white tags) hold DVDs. The large baskets hold games. Under those, are little cabinets with books.

A peek of our photo wall in the living room. I had the macro lens on the camera and was way too lazy to change it, so you only get a small portion. LOL. Sorry. :-p (Buoy photos taken by Jeremy in Rhode Island... our next-door neighbor's fence).

Just another close-up of the other side of the book shelves.

And one photo of our guest bathroom...

That framed art of the little girl (it's chalk on sand paper by Dave Kurz, by the way)... That needs to be hung up. It *was* hung up, but I changed my mind about placement and took it down. Tee hee. It'll go on that wall to the left... just above the flowers.

And that's what I'm working on around the house. Things we need to get done... things we have gotten done (yay!). I know I need to share more photos of our house, so that's why I did this post. I definitely plan on doing more posts like this! :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Things Accomplished!

So... we did SOOOOO much yesterday! YAY! *sigh* I LOVE being productive. LOVE it. I'm glad I've had a bit o' energy. ;-) You know, between breaks. ;-)

Honestly didn't think *that* was going to happen yesterday either... because we're pretty sure Jeremy got food poisoning yesterday. Poor guy. Was throwing up....


Me (from the other room): Did you just sneeze?

Jeremy: No... I just threw up my cereal.


... and he spent the ENTIRE day in bed. (I took good care of him too! :-D ) But... when he woke up (at 4pm... LOL), he was ready to get some stuff done. YAY! :-D

He finally got around to painting the rocking chair and side table I got for the baby's room. He borrowed his dad's paint sprayer to make the job easier. Hoorah! (We still need to seal it with this Safecoat Acrylacq.)

This rocking chair was $50 at an antique store I love. Not sure it's actually an antique, but it's SUPER sturdy and comfy and adorable. And of course, I needed it to be white to match our crib...

This side table? It was FREE! It was *outside* the Goodwill drop-off. And the guy said they couldn't sell it because a piece of wood chipped off. Umm... okay. He said, "You can take it! Just don't let anyone see you!" LOL. Umm... okay! :-D

(Yes, Kissa is making a cameo in this post, and no, I didn't want to crop her out... because she's too adorable. :-D )

(I'll be sure to show before/after shots of both the rocking chair and table when they're completely done and in the room!)

I sorted baby clothes. That was kinda fun. Tee hee. This is my "to wash" pile of Newborn and 0-3 month clothes. (Yes, that top one is blue. No, I don't know if we're having a boy or a girl. I just had it, so decided to throw it in there. :-D )

And the "to wash" cloth diaper/cloth wipes pile. I'm VERY excited to wash these and put these away... probably more excited than any other job. Tee hee. (Yes, another blue item. I LOVE blue. Sorry. And if we have a girl, she will wear LOTS of blue. Because I LOVE blue. That is all.)

Next... two vintage items I would love to see in Baby K's room. This scale? How adorable is it?! Seriously?! LOVE it! It was a gift from my next door neighbor. :-) And this cute vintage baby box was $2 at my favorite antique store (where I got the rocking chair). Love that it matches our color scheme.

And a peek at the in-progress closet. Honestly, this pale grey (Benjamin Moore's Silver Lake) looked purple to me at first, but now I just love it! This stuff (sitting on the changing station) is just set there for now. None of it will stay put. That cute bag? I LOVE it (and it's blue, of course!)! I'll use it as the diaper bag, and then I can use it any way I want after that! :-D Adorable, compact, blue, lots o' pockets, and on-sale! Perfection.

This is also an "in-progress" shot. That lamp? I painted it to match the closet. Then I covered the lampshade with one of our room fabrics. Oh my. SO excited to see it on that cute little table (top of this post). And my Disney figurine collection. Jeremy may or may not argue when we go to actually hang it up. *sigh* Tough. I love it. It reminds me of my childhood. I love it. End of story.

A little peek at the crib and crib skirt I made! GO ME! (See how it matches the lampshade? WOO!) Umm... I still need a mattress cover and sheets. Tee hee.

And that's it! Well, we also went through a million boxes and worked on cleaning out the garage. See? Didn't we totally get a lot done?! It's crazy that we only have like... five weeks left until we hold this little one.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lusting After PaigeBooks.

Okay, she's my friend, but I'm not biased!... Paige's books really are AMAZING! And Paige is celebrating her 1000th (!!!!!!) blog post by giving away TEN of these babies!

Here are my three favorites:
(seriously? aqua, yellow and WHITE?! this one has Reyanna written all over it...)

You should totally head on over there and enter to win! No, I'm not getting any perk for blogging about this (psh... I wish! ;-) ), I just thought it was awesome and had to share!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Listing My Favorite Things

So Oprah has a list of her favorite *things*, and I think it's always fun to see other people's lists. So... I thought I'd make my own too. (This is not counting people or puppies or things like that... just *things* this time...)

Now, after EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of these products, I could write the subtitle, "This is the best EVER!"... but I won't. That could get annoying. Tee hee. :-p Just know as you're reading these, that I think these products are AMAZING and AWESOME, and living without them would be... well, it would NOT be fun! ;-) Just sayin... ;-)

I use these items every single day. Seriously. Honestly. No joke. :-D

1. Mint Eco-Lips lip moisturizer

2. L'Occitane Olive Organic Lip Balm (kinda expensive for lip stuff, but PERFECT for when it's too hot for chapstick... those things melt! LOL! And... it lasts forever!)

4. Nalgene 32oz water bottles (I NEVER leave home without one! EVER! ;-) )

5. Built NY 32oz bottle tote
(I use it with my Nalgene... and mine is black instead of red.)

7. Vera Bradley All-in-One Wristlet (They now make one to hold the iPhone... you know, if you have one. I don't have a smart phone [I wouldn't use it... LOL], but if you do... ;-) This is my favorite new color, English Meadow. I don't own anything in this color YET, but I will... some day... ;-) )
It's awesome because it has a wrist loop (I also hook my keys on there if I'm just running into a store quickly), an inside zipper pocket (where I put cash and coins) and a few places for cards (I only have a few...), and under *those* pockets, it has a lengthwise pocket that holds more cards, which I use to hold punch/value/membership card thingies......
And then on the *outside* of it, it has an ID window thingy. I keep my driver's license and debit card in there, so I don't have to unzip the wallet to get out the two things I use most! ...

8. Copco Sierra Cold Tumbler w/ straw (perfect for my smoothies!)

10. Company Store Microfleece Blanket (psst... I waited till it went on clearance and got the twin size for $13!!!)

11. Moleskine journals (Volant in x-small, a TINY size, now in COLORS!!)

12. Viva Choose-A-Size Paper Towels (they feel like towels!)

13. Eco Sponge (these last FOREVER... I just put them in the dishwasher once a week. Love that they don't smell bad after months and months of use. You should probably still change them though... LOL.)

14. iMac

Monday, June 13, 2011

Growing: 33 Weeks

(I look really tired in this photo. Taken at like 10pm... LOL.
Also, my lordosis has gotten worse since I've been pregnant,
and I just noticed this today! So I tried to correct it in this photo,
by purposely trying to straighten out my back. Tee hee.)

And some stuff about me at 33 Weeks...

Notes: Finally feeling pregnant! LOL. Getting up in the middle of the night (and the morning) is SO difficult! LOL. Honestly, I feel like I'm 100 years old... you know, normal 3rd trimester stuff... a bit of swelling in hands/feet, arthritis in hands and wrists, pain in my back and sciatic nerve (I had this before pregnancy, but it's just flaring up now...), and stiff and sore. Thankfully, this all pretty much goes away within 30 minutes of being out of bed. YAY!

Feeling a bit tired too, but I'm *trying* to take naps to help that. That's tough for me. I'm not a fan of naps. Tee hee. Still feeling pretty great during the day though, and I know it gets harder and harder over the next few weeks, so I'm just trying to stay positive. :-D

And... I'd take all this over 1st trimester nausea and sheer exhaustion any day! ;-)

Inches grown around tummy: 15 inches

Weight gained: 34-ish pounds (I started out under-weight, so this is fine)

Sex of baby: it's a surprise!

Heart rate of baby: cancelled my appointment (due to exhaustion... tee hee) for this last week, so I'll know in a few days!

Baby's Size: I haven't shared this before, but it's fun to know! Baby K is about four pounds now and over 17 inches long! Craziness!

Movement: TONS! I love seeing the wave-like movement going on in there! Today at church... a couple, sitting next to me, noticed my belly was moving around like CRAZY. The husband was like, "WHOA!" And gasped and giggled out loud. It was pretty funny. The woman on my other side said to me, "I guess your baby likes music!" (we were singing) LOL. It was pretty neat. :-)

Also, a funny story: At birthing class this last week, our instructor asked everyone if we thought our babies had rhythm. Jeremy's hand shot up, and he said, "I love feeling our baby move around! Reyanna says the baby gets hiccups, but I think he or she is beat-boxing in there!" LOL! It was hilarious. He totally made the whole class laugh. :-D I love him. He's so awesome.

Cravings: milk, sandwiches, ice cream

Weird food notes: Cake & ice cream is probably the most fabulous food combo EVER. Just sayin... ;-)

Baby's Room Progress:
  • Crib skirt is made! I haven't taken photos yet because I still need to attach part of it to the crib frame.
  • One piece of wall art is DONE!
  • Still need to make mobile.
  • Still have LOTS of projects to do (more wall art, side table, rocking chair, cushions, etc).
Also, Jeremy's family and a high school friend of mine threw me a shower this last Saturday. Jeremy and I also had a few close friends there, and it was lots of fun. (I will *probably* post photos...) While I was showing my step-mother-in-law how the baby was moving, Jeremy snapped this photo...

It's nice that I now have a pregnant photo of me NOT wearing black! ;-) Heee! I should probably take some more. LOL. :-p I have a church baby shower this week, and I'm SO excited about it as well! Hopefully, I'll remember my camera... ;-)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I feel like such a horrible blogger! I'm sorry. :-p

Truth be told, I've *wanted* to blog. I REALLY have. I LOVE blogging! But... I got my feelings hurt my something someone said about the photographs on my blog, so I stopped taking photos (gasp!) and stopped blogging... or simply blogged less.


And that? Is horrible! I mean, people are entitled to their opinions... that's not the horrible part. I don't claim to be a photographer... in the slightest. (I use my point & shoot for everything. I don't even know how to use my DSLR [hubby does!], but I'd love to learn.) The horrible part is that I let this get to me! And I feel guilty for that. I shouldn't have.

Anywho, I will be better. :-D

I have been SOOOOOO busy lately! I have LOTS of photos to take and share here, and I'll do that soon, but this is what I've been up to ... tee hee. :-)


All the time. About all kinds of stuff. LOL.
At least I'm not worried about giving birth! :-D
The worrying is starting to get me down though.
I gotta stay positive! :-)


Photo found here. Not sure of original source.)

Lounging in:

Inspired by:

and this:


Attempting to make my own baby book, using this:
Growing (just about at 33 weeks! And look! I have a butt now! ;-) )...

Wearing glasses (they're tinted, so that's why they're dark :-D ) and no make-up (tee hee):

That's about all that is going on here! We're still working on lots of projects. We re-arranged our living room the other day, and we're LOVING how it looks. We're so weird... every time we go in there, we say, "I love our living room!!" LOL. :-p Photos soon! Promise! :-D