Thursday, August 28, 2008


Warning: These posts are starting to sound like I actually *like* to shop. Eek! I better make the next few posts about other things. :) And let's get this straight... I don't *like* to shop! I just like to have new things sometimes. :) There is *so* a difference!

So I needed to make an emergency trip to Gap to get these panties. Okay, it wasn't *truly* an emergency, but I *did* need new panties. Found some really cute ones!

And I had to walk through Dillard's to get to Gap. And there were these super-adorable red shoes... but I kept walking.

I read an article in Real Simple a few years ago, and it said that every woman needs a good pair of red flats. So from then on, I've been on the lookout! (And that's not the only reason! I don't let Real Simple dictate the stuff I buy [usually], but red shoes never go out of style, they can be dressed up or down, and they can liven up any outfit. So there.)

I even found this one pair of totally cute, red ballerina flats... at TJ Maxx. They were cheap, so I bought them. I wore them once. They hurt SO bad! So much for those! I'll pawn them off on some un-knowing ebayer, who doesn't mind shoes that inside, have miniature little people with knives.

My search for red shoes continued, but it's not like I was actively looking because well... a.) I hate shopping. And b.) I don't really *need* shoes. Oh! And c.) I hate shopping.

So I left Gap with a bag full of hipster panties, and I headed back through Dillard's...

What's the harm in trying on the cute, red shoes?
Evil Reyanna whispered in my ear.

No! I don't really have the money right now to get new shoes! And I don't *need* new shoes! Good Reyanna answered back.

But do you need new *red* shoes? Evil Reyanna reasoned.

Yes! Why, yes, I do! Good Reyanna gleamed.

And Evil Reyanna and Good Reyanna rode off into the sunset... wearing pretty, totally comfortable, new, red shoes. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today I decided to take a trip to The Domain. The Domain is an outdoor mall / luxury apartment complex / office building place. VERY upscale. As in, when I go there, I dress nicely and pretend I have enough money to afford to buy stuff there. When in actuality, I just go there for the Clearance sections in all the stores.

Pity there is no Clearance section at Tiffany & Co. ;)

Since I was there, I decided to stop in at Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic because let's face it... all girls love to look at the over-priced girlyness in the form of calm and serene, floral wonderment that is Shabby Chic. :) One throw pillow for $225? Umm... no thanks. But it's pretty. :) I'll just sit here and admire, thanks.

I *did* manage to nab this super adorable grey/white/pink frame though (click on the photo to see it better)! It holds a 3x3 photo, which, I agree, is smaller than small, but check out this price! Okay... so it was on Clearance for $14.99. Down from... wait for it... SIXTY dollars!!! LOL. I had to grab it. Apparently it was marked down 75% off because of its "damage" (read: small scratches that add to its "shabby" appeal. I'm shocked and amazed that didn't double its value. Then again, perhaps it had a larger-outer-silver layer that fell off?). You know... it just goes to show you how much something is *really* worth and how certain people just pay WAY too much for things. *sigh* Certainly not I. Not I, my friends.

Also while in Shabby Chic (I spent quite amount of time in there), I saw these super-awesome prints (11x17-ish) that are replicas from the 1939 British Ministry. The saying is so delightfully British, isn't it?!

They are framed in frames with a touch of gold (enter impressed oohing and ahhhing here). I had *just* seen these for the first time last night (Etsy), and I really liked them! And this I find surprising because I usually don't like anything with crowns. They are *so* growing on me. There was no way I was paying for one of those prints though (especially at Shabby Chic). Plus, they didn't have the color I wanted. :) So I went home and made my own...

Cute silver frame: $1.99 at thrift store
Bazzill white cardstock: $0.50
Time re-creating it in PhotoShop: 5-10 minutes
Side-swiping having to pay $295 for a larger version that will be cumbersome later: Priceless.

They are both sitting pretty in my new scrap space (to be shown later). Mmmm... love me a bargain.

Keep calm and carry on. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This year, I've been on TWO road trips. And they were over 2,000 miles EACH. Yeah, it was craziness! The first one was done with just Ruby in tow. The second, I had Ruby *and* Amber (not as fun... LOL).

But I loved taking the road trips because I was able to meet with my cool online friends! My friend Kitty lives in Ohio, and she was super awesome enough to drive to Columbus to see me. :) We had so much fun chatting and having lunch at Panera. It was all rainy and yucky outside, but we still managed to get a picture. I think she and Ruby look great, but me? Eh... I look like I've been in the car for a few days. LOL. Uh-huh. Moving on...

And on the 2nd trip, I was able to meet Amber! Amber drove an hour to see me outside Nashville, and we met at a park. It was so awesome hanging out and having a picnic. I was totally stoked to meet her!

Meeting both of them were fantastic because they're just SO sweet! Love them! :) Both these ladies were part of my Kids at Heart swap at Even though we swapped a long time ago, we still have our forum going because we've just become such great friends! :) Now I just have two more of the Kids at Heart ladies to meet (I've met the other four). But Vikki and Angela, I WILL be meeting you... you can't hide! :D