Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today I decided to take a trip to The Domain. The Domain is an outdoor mall / luxury apartment complex / office building place. VERY upscale. As in, when I go there, I dress nicely and pretend I have enough money to afford to buy stuff there. When in actuality, I just go there for the Clearance sections in all the stores.

Pity there is no Clearance section at Tiffany & Co. ;)

Since I was there, I decided to stop in at Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic because let's face it... all girls love to look at the over-priced girlyness in the form of calm and serene, floral wonderment that is Shabby Chic. :) One throw pillow for $225? Umm... no thanks. But it's pretty. :) I'll just sit here and admire, thanks.

I *did* manage to nab this super adorable grey/white/pink frame though (click on the photo to see it better)! It holds a 3x3 photo, which, I agree, is smaller than small, but check out this price! Okay... so it was on Clearance for $14.99. Down from... wait for it... SIXTY dollars!!! LOL. I had to grab it. Apparently it was marked down 75% off because of its "damage" (read: small scratches that add to its "shabby" appeal. I'm shocked and amazed that didn't double its value. Then again, perhaps it had a larger-outer-silver layer that fell off?). You know... it just goes to show you how much something is *really* worth and how certain people just pay WAY too much for things. *sigh* Certainly not I. Not I, my friends.

Also while in Shabby Chic (I spent quite amount of time in there), I saw these super-awesome prints (11x17-ish) that are replicas from the 1939 British Ministry. The saying is so delightfully British, isn't it?!

They are framed in frames with a touch of gold (enter impressed oohing and ahhhing here). I had *just* seen these for the first time last night (Etsy), and I really liked them! And this I find surprising because I usually don't like anything with crowns. They are *so* growing on me. There was no way I was paying for one of those prints though (especially at Shabby Chic). Plus, they didn't have the color I wanted. :) So I went home and made my own...

Cute silver frame: $1.99 at thrift store
Bazzill white cardstock: $0.50
Time re-creating it in PhotoShop: 5-10 minutes
Side-swiping having to pay $295 for a larger version that will be cumbersome later: Priceless.

They are both sitting pretty in my new scrap space (to be shown later). Mmmm... love me a bargain.

Keep calm and carry on. :)

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Bashful said...

Wow - that is so cool that you re-created that idea yourself, and saved a bundle! Awesome! And I love the grey/white/pink frame! But I'm most excited about seeing your new scrap space! (So how "later" is later? LOL.) :-)