Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Around To It.

In December, we'll celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. I guess better late than never to get our wedding album done at Shutterfly. LOL. But I got a free book coupon, and I just couldn't pass it up this time. I went super simple, and I'm really glad I did.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beaming With Pride.

So the other night, my sister (younger by 15 months) went to an 80's-themed birthday party.

My sister? Mother of three. Gymnastics coach. And just downright fun and cool. Growing up, my dad always encouraged us to go ALL OUT when dressing up. And still to this day, my sister (shown in the green top and pink glasses) does not disappoint!

They decided to go out to a club to dance and act crazy. There happened to be a radio station there. Here they are with the DJ guy:

And my sister with the birthday girl and her best friend.

Another one with the DJ... he thought my sister was too cool. LOL.

Then she joined a booty-shaking contest...

And won. :-)

Man, my sister is cool! I'm so proud. :-)

*Pictures taken by 103.3KISS FM Idaho. And her friend, Maranda. :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Visiting with Family.

So last week, I went home to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It.Was.A.Madhouse.
Back row: Dack (brother), Nikki (his wife), Mairen (sister's daughter, held by her dad),
Tony (Shaina's husband), Dad (Bob), Jeremy (hubby). Middle row: Gauge (bro's son, held by Shaina),
Shaina (sister), Mom (Dawn), Cullen (bro's son), Raina (adopted sister), me.
Front row: Alaura (sister's daughter Twin A), Reysa (bro's daughter), and Brenna (sister's daughter Twin B).

30 hours of driving
20 people heard some awesome news ;-)
11 friends visited
10 adults (living together...)
9 total days
6 children (sleeping in one room? Yikes!)
5 meltdowns (by me... tee hee)
4 cans of black olives (ew)
3 dogs
2 houses
2 puppies
1 kitten

My brother was there... along with his wife and two kids and one baby and one Rottweiler/Pitbull and one chihuahua.

My sister was there... along with her husband and three kids and one puppy and one kitten (who actually came home with us to live with Jeremy's parents... yes, we planned that).

My parents were moving from a house to a condo, seven miles away. (How cool is it that they had ALL of their kids to move for them!? I don't think they had to pack or unpack one box! LOL. Yes, we *are* great kids. ;-) )

Their dog had just died, but Mom thought THIS would be the perfect weekend to bring home a new puppy. Umm... notsomuch.

Here is Nala (age 11 mos.) with our Ruby.

And we arrived (before the rest of the bunch, actually)... Jeremy, his dad, and I, along with our Baby Ruby in tow.


It was probably one of the craziest weeks of my LIFE.

We brought my sister's twins to camp, which was super fun! What was funny... the math teacher Shaina and I had in high school? His youngest *daughter* was in Alaura and Brenna's camp! AND they got to be good friends! LOL. Too funny. I really wanted to get a photo, but they were all running around like wild banshees.

That little boy in the tye-dye was the camp speaker's son,
and he LOVED trying to get into all our photos. LOL.

Shaina's girls. I SO did not get to spend enough
time with them (because of camp). I may have to fly out to Idaho this fall. :-)
Mairen and I, however, did get some quality gluten-free time together. ;-)

I was stressed, queasy, moody, hormonal, and happy. It was WEIRD. And I heard crazy things come out of my mouth like...

"Don't eat that entire can of olives in one sitting!"

"NOOOO! Don't let the baby do belly flops off the foot of the bed!"

"Dack, wait! Don't pull the baby out of the doggy door until I get a picture!"

"Did that neighbor's dog just attack your chihuahua?"

and then a few minutes later....

"Could you PLEASE keep your dog inside, so it doesn't attack another one of our animals?!"

"No, I *won't* stop being so opinionated! .... but I'll try my best to keep my opinions to myself." (tee hee)

"If I ever have a boy, I want him to be just like Gauge!"

"What?! We haven't taken a picture of the three of us since like... 2002?! GAH! Let's take lots!" (Dad has the crazy-silly photo of us three Klein kids. I'll have to get a copy of that one. It's too fun!)

Phew. Next time, Jeremy and I will be getting a hotel. LOL. It was fun to see the family though! And I'm so glad I got some pictures! Finally! :-)

Ah. It's so good to be home.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Six Weeks.

Anywho, just made my Jell-O. Man, that is like the best fifty cents spent, in my opinion!

I'm six weeks today!

  1. So... I'm tired. Really tired. I want to sleep all day, every day. This JUST started on Saturday. LOL. Going to the kitchen... is taxing. LOL.
  2. I didn't start having nausea until yesterday. But I did a lot of research on ways to curb throwing up, and so far... it's working. Tea (ginger, raspberry leaf, nettles), cheddar cheese, milk and Rice/Corn Chex. Seriously, i was ABOUT to get sick yesterday... I was just sitting on the bathroom floor, taking deep breaths and waiting, hoping not to get sick, eating this stuff, and it worked! For now...
  3. I have this INSATIABLE hunger! It is CRAZY! I think I've gained like 6 pounds, which actually, my midwife says, is awesome... LOL. I'm also drinking a gallon (NOT exaggerating) of water/milk per day.
  4. I have 2-3 cravings every day, but they usually change. They have been: steak, spinach, chicken, sharp cheddar cheese (but NOT mild... ew, makes me sick to think about it... LOL), cantaloupe, grapefruit, apples, more steak, more chicken, nachos (chips made from scratch), and milk. I crave milk EVERY day. Which is very strange for me. LOL. I like it.
  5. Aversions to sweets or any kind of dessert. Thinking about dessert or anything containing sugar makes me feel like being sick. Apparently, that means I'm getting enough protein, so woohoo!
  6. Met with the midwife last night, and she's gonna run a bunch of blood work in two weeks. I'm not having my first u/s until I'm 3-4 months (we decided on this number together)... hopefully, if we wait this long, we can find out how many babies, since my sister didn't find out till FIVE months that she was having TWINS! And she'll run blood work, check all my levels, etc. once a month. I'll probably only do two u/s if everything is on track and healthy.
  7. We don't want to find out the sex of the baby. We want a surprise.
  8. I don't think I'll be sharing names, but I can share names I like, but he *doesn't* want to use! LOL. So we won't be using the names: Schuyler (original pron. of Skyler), Bridget, Lila, Grace, and Evangeline. That's all I can think of now. LOL.

*Sorry this post was so long. I'm just excited, and it's SO hard not being able to talk to my parents and all my IRL friends yet! LOL.