Friday, August 27, 2010

Beaming With Pride.

So the other night, my sister (younger by 15 months) went to an 80's-themed birthday party.

My sister? Mother of three. Gymnastics coach. And just downright fun and cool. Growing up, my dad always encouraged us to go ALL OUT when dressing up. And still to this day, my sister (shown in the green top and pink glasses) does not disappoint!

They decided to go out to a club to dance and act crazy. There happened to be a radio station there. Here they are with the DJ guy:

And my sister with the birthday girl and her best friend.

Another one with the DJ... he thought my sister was too cool. LOL.

Then she joined a booty-shaking contest...

And won. :-)

Man, my sister is cool! I'm so proud. :-)

*Pictures taken by 103.3KISS FM Idaho. And her friend, Maranda. :-)


Gloria said...

LOL, I love your sister´s outfit,soo 80´s!!! Looks like she had lots of fun, you should be very proud girl;) TFS

Virginia said...

ha - love these outfits! 80's themes are the best :)

Lexi said...

ahh the 80's. ;D
looks like LOTS of fun :)

Hillary said...

Go, Shaina!! Too funny!! :D