Friday, June 29, 2012

PhotoBoothing with Hattie at 9 mos.

Completely forgot to post our last two months of PhotoBooth sessions! LOL.

Here are the 9-Month PhotoBooth photos. 
I'll try to remember to post the 10-Month ones soon... 
hopefully, before she turns 11 months next week! LOL. :-p

Usually, it takes me a while to get her to smile for the camera.
But this day? 
She was *all* smiles! Heeee!

She wanted to wave...
"Hi, Hattie!" 

Extreme Close-up! 

Then I put her rubber duck over the camera... 

Then I let her grab it.
Rubber ducks make her laugh. :-) 

Oh, she is way too much fun. :-)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Climbing in a Box.

We got a package in the mail the other day...

No, not this adorable baby. Hee hee. ;-)

I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon.
I *loathe* shopping. With a passion.
Online shopping is AWESOME-SAUCE. :-)
I buy pretty much *every*thing online.
I'd buy my groceries online if I could.
(or maybe I can, but I don't want to pay extra... ;-) )

Anywho, one of the things we ordered was this book:

She loves it. 
It's a good thing too because it's quite possibly the strangest book ever written.
(Okay, I'll have to save that post for another day.
And *believe me*, you'll want to tune in for that one!)

Anywho, after we opened the box, Hattie crawled right inside with her book.
So I had to take these photos.

Not sure what she was doing here in this next photo. 
Maybe her toe stuck to the tape? Tee hee.
I just love the look on her face though.
She's thinking, "What the heck is on my toe?!"

Apparently only big girls climb inside boxes.
"How big is Hattie?"
"So big!"

I love this girl.
Wearing socks.
With a fox.
Or in a box. ;-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Growing up: Hattie at Ten Months

I just forgot how to write a new blog post. No joke.

LOL. Maybe I need to blog more? ;-)

Just having too much fun hanging out with this cute, little TEN MONTH OLD! (Seriously?!)

 She's 29.5 inches long. (85% percentile)

She's 17 pounds, 15 ounces. (25% percentile)

Favorite toys: shape sorter & blocks, rubber ducks, maracas, Hot Wheels cars (thanks to Nichole!), books, ceramic bird (hangs from the ceiling... ;-)

Favorite books: Babies, Animals (by Happy Baby), Poky Little Puppy, Are You My Mother?

Favorite things to do: play in the water...

...attempt to kiss and pet the animals (LOL), be outside (preferably playing in the dirt and leaves. LOL), look at photos.

Favorite foods: blueberry pancakes, pasta, sweet potatoes, turkey, peas, smoothies, all fruit, 
bananas (she will open up a book and point to a banana, shout some gibberish, and then sign "eat" and make eating noises. it's the cutest thing!)

Loves birds. LOOOOVES birds. 
It's become an obsession 
(thanks to Jeremy's dad, who also loves birds and showed Hattie all the ceramic birds in his house... 
then gave her one to take home). 
A day or two after we got home from his house, she started saying, "bird" constantly! 
And now she thinks that anything up high is a bird. 
Lights hanging from the ceiling at church? Birds. Knick-knacks on a tall shelf? Birds. Leaves on trees? Birds. It's adorable.

She can sign "milk," "more," "potty," and "eat" (but more often than not, for "eat" she just smacks her lips together and makes yummy noises! Ha!)

She can say:
Dad and Daddy
Bird (sometimes sounds like "buh!" instead of "bud!" but I know what she means ;-) )
Ruby (well, she says, "Bee!" and points to Ruby. LOL.)
Duck (but she usually just says "bird" for ducks. tee hee.)

She is SUCH a girl. She loves having her nails clipped, her hair brushed, pretends to dress herself, loves to look at nail polish and jewelry. (She crawls into our closet, stands up under my hanging necklaces and points and shouts at them. It's so cute!)

FINALLY fits into size 6-9 month shoes and socks! LOL. She's still rocking her 3-6 month sandals though. 
She has the cutest, tiny feet!

Can pull up to standing and cruise along furniture.

*Trying* to stand on her own, but on those tiny feet... she usually just falls. ;-)

Has such a great wave! We call it her "Disney Princess Wave" because it's so refined. ;-)

She finally has figured out that crawling on all fours (which she's been able to do since 8.5 mos)
is faster than her army crawl. She still does her army crawl occasionally, but it's like she then
realizes, "Oh wait! Crawling on my hands and knees is faster!" LOL. :-p

We're doing Elimination Communication a lot more now, and she's doing so great! She actually wakes up from her naps with a dry diaper now, so she can pee in the potty. And she has asked to potty several times (after waking up, after meals and during/after nursing... but doesn't ask if she's playing or reading a book. LOL. :-p) It's just nice to have this added connection and communication with her. Plus, I love changing A LOT less poopy diapers. ;-)

This is SUCH a fun age! 
She is still SUCH an awesome baby.
Every single day, I'm SO excited that I get to hug and kiss this cutie. :-)