Friday, May 20, 2005

No Teeth.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled today. They bled for hours. Then I took a nap, and when I woke up, I was spitting blood.

And I don't think I've ever been this irritable... EVER. In all my life... irritable. Yuck. My lower lip and jaw are still numb. That sucks. Drugs are starting to wear off. The pain is starting to kick in. It hurts... bad. And I don't have any drugs to make it go away.

Jeremy had to go to his stupid job, and he's been there for four hours now. And just because of that, I don't get my drugs! I need drugs, damn it!

I don't know what to do. I'm so frustrated and irritated with everything. I'm hungry. Thirsy. Hot. I can't talk. I hurt. And I want the dogs to be quiet and stop rough-housing.

*sigh* I hate being miserable. And I'm not miserable very often. That's probably why I hate it so much.

And I'm SO glad I have this journal because I HATE complaining, and I'd never say any of this to a human. LOL. (Okay, not really laughing out loud, but you know... hardee har har in the inside.) Anyway, dogs are needing me at the moment. Maybe I'll continue this later... Grrr... God, please make it stop!

Britney Who?!

Priceless interview of the day:

Mike Lauer of Today: So now that you've interviewed Britney and Kevin, do you understand what all the hype is about?

Ellen DeGeneres: No, I really don't.

LOL. That is so funny. And I saw that interview with the Federlines, and yeah, what the heck is the fascination? Just... ew.

*emmett* ~ who has never been a Britney fan...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wisdom Teeth

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday. I'm really happy because they hurt a lot. They're also bothering me when I eat cold stuff, and I would like to eat my Fruity Pebbles in peace. :)

On the other hand, I'm scared to get them out because they have to put me to sleep, and that's freaky and weird. I was beginning to feel "okay" about it until last night's season finale of Raymond. Those of you who saw it, you know what I'm talking about...

Okay, but for those of you who didn't... Raymond got put under to have a small surgery, and they couldn't wake him up. Freaky. Thanks, CBS, I feel SO much better now. :) Psh.

*emmett* ~ who will most likely be okay on Friday... I'll keep you posted... maybe

p.s. Whoa! I just noticed something freaky! My last entry was about Ray Romano! Holy Cow I'm going to die under those drugs!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Puppy Accident.

I'm the most terrible mother! Okay, I'm not that bad and really, I shouldn't bee *too* hard on myself. It was an accident...

Today when I was trimming Ruby (I groom our dogs myself), she got her tongue in the way! Yes, it's true. The scissors cut her tongue. I felt SO bad... I started crying. Poor little thing. She's such a small little doggie. It's a very small cut.

She didn't cry or anything, but she bled a lot, and I felt awful! The doctor said I need to watch her for twelve hours so I didn't go to work tonight. I wanted to give her my full attention. I can't let her eat, drink or lick anybody. LOL. Easy for the doctor to say... he hasn't met my dogs! They're lickers!

Anyway, the bleeding has stopped, and she seems to be doing much better. I'm glad I could stay home with her. I tried to get the pet sitter, but she was already busy. :-( And I did let her drink *a little* water. I'm sure she just wanted that taste of blood out of her mouth. She's been sleeping a lot, and I've been letting her bask in the sun with Amber (her sister).

Oh, and today is their birthday! Yay! My babies are two-years-old today. I can't believe it. :)

Jeremy comes home day after tomorrow. Finally! It feels like it's been a long time, but it's only been three weeks. I really shouldn't complain. At least it's not two years like *some* military wives have to endure. He's leaving again in July for the whole month. :( I think I will have company though. Hanna may come and visit. Brittany might come too (not at the same time). And Britt is bringing her new boyfriend. That should be fun.

Okay, well, I have TONS to do with cleaning and getting ready for Jeremy, so I better go. AND I have to check on Ruby again. :)

Monday, May 9, 2005


I'm spending too much money. There was a point a few weeks ago where I decided that I was finished with spending money.

Then I realized something. We put lots of money away each month for retirement. I mean, this money could buy us cool things now like tents and other cool camping/backpacking/climbing gear. But no... we want to be responsible about our money and taking care of ourselves because we know the government won't when we decide to retire.

So anyway, because we put money away, I figured, I can spend the rest of the money (well, not all of it!) because my good friend Ali always used to say, "Money is for spending!" LOL. He is a child of a wealthy oil man in Saudi Arabia so granted, not the same thing as this situation, but still... helpful. :)

So I've been buying pretty much everything I want lately. *sigh* Now... I wish I wouldn't have spent so much money. But I like all my stuff. And it's not like I just buy "stuff." There are only three things I buy... clothes/shoes, cooking stuff, outdoorsy stuff. None of that is wasted.

NONE of my clothes fit so I basically needed a whole new wardrobe. Everything was too big... for crying out loud, even my panties were falling off me! So... yeah, this week, I will sell stuff on eBay. All week long. I have tons of stuff I don't need so it's all going. :) None of my new stuff though. That will stay. Making money on eBay will be fun too.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Ray Romano?

Ray Romano invaded my dreams last night. It was very strange. I ran out of an auditorium filled with bugs. When I got out, I realized I forgot my jacket, keys and organizer (though, I don't carry one...).

I had to go back in and face the bugs. Then I got out, and Ray Romano was out there giving me a hard time about me *not* wanting to have children. It was strange.

There were also handsome, young guys (high school/college) playing football. Weird, weird dream. No more chocolate before bed. Tee hee.

*emmett* ~ who can't wait for Jeremy to come back home... in 8 days! Woohoo!

*Photo credit unknown.

More Gymnastics.

Dude, my stomach muscles are burning! I did a million press-handstands... that must have done it.

On Tues, I also worked out my calves a lot, and this morning I got the worse charlie-horse! UGH! It sucked so hard. I hate those. Worse pain ever. And now it's aching because of it. Oh well... good thing about muscle pain... it goes away. :)

I can't wait till next week after my body has recovered. :) At least my arms don't ache anymore. It's nice to feel myself getting stronger. Gosh, gymnastics is so awesome. I'm stoked I was able to get back into it. Yay!

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Gymnastics last night was awesome. I worked out so hard. :) I did lots of kips (of course), but I also worked on cast handstands. I've never worked on those before, and I'm not sure why. I'm pretty close. I'm about 3/4 up.

I did some straddle press ones on the tall floor bar. That was fun. I can feel myself getting stronger since I've been back. That's always a good feeling.

Dr. Dave is helping me a lot too. He's so nice. He calls me Sunshine. :) I really like that. LOL. Chris's girlfriend stopped by too, and it was so great to see her. I hadn't seen her since I met her at the Christmas party. She's so cute and fun. I'm so happy for Chris. He's so great. :) Well, all in all, good night. :)

Kissa, My My Kitty.

How ironic. I haven't updated in three weeks, and this entry is about Kissa. *sigh* Or as her new owner likes to call her... Kalea (ka-LEE-uh) Kahuna-Mocha. Not as cool as Kissa, but to each his own, I suppose.

It was as I suspected. My asthma acted up. Yes, getting a kitten was stupid. She was very sweet. But my friend Beth loves her to death. Kissa... err... Kalea is very happy at her new home with her new cat-brother.

Ruby and Amber (the puppies) missed her the first two days, but now they're back to normal. They kind of were freaking out while she was here. It's calmer now, and Jeremy and I are less stressed. For the best. And I still get to visit her. :)

*emmett* ~ who will never get a cat again...