Monday, May 9, 2005


I'm spending too much money. There was a point a few weeks ago where I decided that I was finished with spending money.

Then I realized something. We put lots of money away each month for retirement. I mean, this money could buy us cool things now like tents and other cool camping/backpacking/climbing gear. But no... we want to be responsible about our money and taking care of ourselves because we know the government won't when we decide to retire.

So anyway, because we put money away, I figured, I can spend the rest of the money (well, not all of it!) because my good friend Ali always used to say, "Money is for spending!" LOL. He is a child of a wealthy oil man in Saudi Arabia so granted, not the same thing as this situation, but still... helpful. :)

So I've been buying pretty much everything I want lately. *sigh* Now... I wish I wouldn't have spent so much money. But I like all my stuff. And it's not like I just buy "stuff." There are only three things I buy... clothes/shoes, cooking stuff, outdoorsy stuff. None of that is wasted.

NONE of my clothes fit so I basically needed a whole new wardrobe. Everything was too big... for crying out loud, even my panties were falling off me! So... yeah, this week, I will sell stuff on eBay. All week long. I have tons of stuff I don't need so it's all going. :) None of my new stuff though. That will stay. Making money on eBay will be fun too.

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