Tuesday, November 4, 2003

License Plate Frames.

I saw a very funny license plate frame the other day. It said, "0 to 60 in... WAIT! My car goes 60??" LOL! I thought that was so funny. Yeah... I'm easily amused.

Also... another license plate thingy. This other car's license plate frame said "Lexus" Okay... that's cool. And their actual license plate was personalized to say, "Lexus 6A" or something like that.

Okay... here's the weird part: The car was a Toyota Camry! That's one devoted Lexus fan! I mean, I know that Toyota makes Lexus and everything, but seriously... why not just buy a Lexus? I guess this person could have been a Lexus dealer, but still... why didn't they just drive a Lexus?

*emmett* ~ who just got a new car (a Toyota, actually)... so it goes pretty fast!