Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quoting my Pregnancy Brain... and Oh, These Crazy Hormones.

Pregnancy Brain Quotes of the Day:

(when I noticed that my alphabets had fallen off my layout) "Oh no! My vegetables fell off my layout!"

"Hey! Let's go lawn the mow!"

Pregnancy Story of the Day:

Night before last, we were watching a movie, and I was eating dinner. I had three biscuits on my plate. Just as I was eating the last bite, I thought in my head, "Ahhh, bummer! I'm all done."

And then... without ANY warning, I just burst into tears. It was so sudden that I actually had NO idea why I was crying. LOL. Hubby looked at me and was like, "Ohmigosh! Are you okay?! What happened?"

I then realized that I was crying because I finished my biscuits! LOL. And though I was hysterical by that point, I burst out laughing... uncontrollably, mind you... at the thought of crying over finishing BISCUITS when I had five more in the kitchen! So here I am... empty plate, crying and laughing, not having any idea what is going on in my head. LOL.

I looked up at Jeremy and said through tears, "Umm... I think I need more biscuits." These hormones are CRAZY! :-p And yes, I went to the kitchen and got four more biscuits.

Mmhmm. This is fun. :-)

*Photo by Cooking Light.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Missing Bailey.

Just realized I never did a post about Bailey, my dad's dog.

My sister got her for Christmas in 1998. But she really latched on to my dad. She was *his*, and they did EVERYTHING together.

She died suddenly on July 31st, and we still aren't sure what caused it. She was only 11... she had a good few years left! The doctor thinks it could have been something inside her that burst. Or she could have eaten something poisonous. We all miss her, but especially Dad. :-(

Here is an adorable photo of Bailey (center) with my pups, Amber (left) and Ruby (right). Bailey liked to keep to herself, but she would share my dad occasionally. ;-)

And this was the when she was here visiting in May. I think they had a fun time. :-)

And the last photo of her with my parents. She was a good dog. I'm hoping to make a mini album for my Dad... full of wonderful photos (read: most are blurry because they were taken before digi cameras... LOL.) But... I know he'll love it. :-)

We love you, Bailey! And you are missed. Dad *still* cries over you and thinks about you every single day. :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011


I've pretty much always been easily amused. But am I overly-so in recent days? I wonder.

I received an email from a church we attended in Rhode Island... three years ago. I decided I should just remove my email from their list. When I visited their site, I saw this (you can click on it to make it larger):
And it made me laugh till I cried. Easily amused? Maybe.

Does anyone else find it funny that they have the words "Recommended" and "NOT Recommended" next to their email preferences?! LOL. I mean, of COURSE they wouldn't recommend you canceling their email updates. But to to have it there in bold... to me, that's just too funny.


It's okay to be easily amused, I'm thinkin...

What has easily amused you lately?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Desperate.

We have NO food in the house. Okay, maybe a little bit, but not really enough to make something substantial (no milk, eggs, butter, cheese, tortillas, meat, etc). I so don't feel well enough to go shopping, and poor Jeremy worked an overnight, so he is sleeping. He said he'll shop when he wakes up. :-)

But that still left me with... what do I eat today besides peanut butter toast?! This is where I get creative. I made a stew! It took me like 5-10 minutes, and it's SOOO yummy. I thought I'd share the recipe, just in case you want to make it too. :-)

I'm calling it...

"Leftovers" Stew

1 can stewed tomatoes (Italian recipe) *This was found in pantry.

1 can tomato paste *Also found in pantry! (I'm so glad I decided to buy these two to save for a rainy day!)

1/2 can leftover black beans in fridge

1/2 can leftover refried beans in fridge

Rotisserie chicken pieces (okay, I literally, scraped the bones for all the meat I could find!)

Almost-empty bag of frozen corn

2 cups water

2 tsp chicken base

I threw all this (at the same time) into a pot and simmered on medium until hot. That was it. LOL. I didn't even have to add seasoning or salt because of the stewed tomatoes and chicken base! It is super delicious. :-D

I'm sure it would be much better with full cans of beans and more corn and chicken, so feel free to do that if you make your own. But if you have this stuff on hand, and you're at a loss... you won't go hungry. ;-)

*Photo by user, "Parsley" at Food.com. It kinda looks like this... without the tasty cilantro. ;-)

p.s. I started an organization blog! :-) I'll give it a facelift soon, but it's the content that counts, right?! ;-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrating Eight Years.

So Jeremy and I celebrated eight years of marriage on Christmas Day! Yay! Laura went through a little list of things they've done, so I thought I'd try it too. :-)

In eight years of marriage...

One house.

Two pups.

Three cats. (only have one now)

Six cities.

Six cars.

Seven apartments.

Ten years as a couple.

Eleven jobs.

Fun! That's a lot of stuff! LOL. :-p (And by the way, those jobs are between the two of us. I used to like to have two or three at one time, and we lived in six different cities... so... yeah, that's why the number is so big. LOL.)

Us in 2000:

Christmas Day 2002 (our wedding):


I thought we hadn't changed *that* much, but I guess we do look a bit older now. LOL. :-p

I am so blessed to be with this guy! He's just so awesome! I'm so happy we finally get to welcome a baby during our 9th year of marriage! YAY!

Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you tons! :-D