Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sharing my new closet!

So... the rest of my closet... as promised.

When we moved in, it had these HORRIBLE built-in shelves. There was a TEENY nail like... every 1/2" or something ridiculous. We tore those out...

... and I spackled (I did! Me! By myself!), primed and painted (Benjamin Moore Grey Wisp), and then put up some elfa shelving from The Container Store. :-D The top right of the closet houses grey bags, which hold old gymnastics shirts (LOTS of them!); old sweatshirts (which I hope to make a quilt out of some day...); a white box, which holds gymnastics leotards, shorts, and gear (I still have some that fit... *sigh*); and my dress shoes and sandals (in the plastic shoe boxes).

When you first walk in, this is to the right (my side of the closet). My bags hang from hooks. And above, there are my hats and gloves in canvas bins:

Then below, are my belts and flip flops. Flip-flop holder and belt holder are also from The Container Store (just warning you... you *may* see a trend here... LOL). And to the left of that are three more canvas bins (I LOVE these!!), that hold scarves, slippers and slipper socks. :-)

And then my line of shoes. I was SO surprised by the little amount of shoes I own (my dress shoes are in plastic shoe boxes at the top of the closet)... compared to the average woman - who has FORTY pairs of shoes. LOL. You can also see my dress pants and my boots peeking out from under them...

Then hubby's side of the closet... his is MUCH higher than mine (he's 6' 3"). I almost have to stand on my tip toes to reach his closet rod to put his clothes away! LOL.

these are his shoes and things...

And our travel bags. Hubby travels A LOT for work, and sometimes I go with him. And then I travel to California, Colorado and Idaho too, so I need a few travel bags. ;-) Mine are from Vera Bradley, and I LOVE them. :-D

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour. :-)

Oh! And if you'd like to vote for me... for Most Organized Employee, you can! Go to The Container Store's Facebook page (you have to be a fan to vote). Then go to "Photos." Then go to "Employee Contest Day #1." And I'm #20. :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Unpacking... slowly but surely.

Well, it's... coming along. LOL.

We didn't take any time off work to move. So we've been working, moving, unpacking and sleeping. That's all we have time for... tee hee. We do what we can.

Here's what it looks like so far...

This is right by the front door. We still need to hang up photos. Our wedding photo (with the photo mat that everyone signed as a guestbook) will hang right above this secretary desk. Wet/muddy shoes go in the container underneath. All other shoes are taken to the bedroom closet. :-)

Walk to the dining room, and you see some shelves we hung up. Right now they have watermelon knick-knacks and just some of my cookbooks (I have yet to unpack the others). Then you can see the table... that looks SO small in this room. LOL. I need to hang stuff on the walls! It looks so empty! I have a whole pile of stuff that needs to be hung up.

The kitchen looks pretty nice and lived in. I'd love to paint the walls a creamy yellow (Benjamin Moore Popcorn Kernel), but maybe after unpacking is done. :-)

You can see the tree peeking through! LOL. Hubby set that up with lights. I still need to hang the ornaments. And I have some potholders hanging on the wall with a cute little watermelon. :-)

Our pantry. Mmmm... organized. I need to label the baskets, but it's pretty easy to tell what's in them for now. I love the dairy crate at the top and folding crate at the bottom. They're such nice and cheap catch-alls! (Ooh, I need to buy paper towels! Only one roll left!)

The Christmas tree has ONE ornament on it right now. LOL. The blue box of ornaments is on the floor to the left (the suitcases are just for decoration). I love that we have this cute shelf on which to hang our stockings! Since Jesse (Jeremy's brother) is with us this year for the holidays, we thought we'd do a mish-mash of stockings from past years.

I'd like to *make* stockings this year. We'll see how that goes. LOL. And see my Mickey and Minnie? My VERY favorite Christmas decorations. I'm still trying to talk Jeremy into the Mickey wreath...

And see how there's just a chair and a table? Yeah, we need furniture. We barely own any! And that chair is going to live somewhere else (office or guest room). We *do* have a loveseat, but we moved it to the scrap room (its permanent home), so we could watch movies on my computer. :-D (Wow, I didn't even notice that Ruby had stepped into the photo!)

On the other side of the living room, we have our bookshelves from Ikea. Umm... this looks VERY messy right now, and is not done. We need to move all the books in here. We will be doing that soon. Perhaps today...
(And I do NOT like the speakers there, but hubby does. It may look better if we had a TV, but right now, it just looks silly to me! What do you think?)

Next is my scrap room... in progress. Okay, okay, I know... my scrap room is *rarely* messy. Okay, it's never messy... unless I'm in the *middle* of creating something, but right now... it's just CRAZY! 75% of my scrap stuff is still at the apartment. I NEED to get that moved over. I'm going through withdrawals! LOL.

And this cute little nook (photo below) in the scrap room is one of my FAVORITE things in the whole house. How cute is this?! And how perfect is it that that loveseat fits PERFECTLY in that little spot? My December Daily (also in progress) is on the floor. LOL. I finished up to page 6 last night! WOOHOO!

Wrapped gifts (in beautiful wrapping paper), scrapbooking projects, Thickers, Container Store bags. Yes, Reyanna lives here. :-)

You may notice that my scrap room has been painted white. Flat/Matte Ultra Bright White. Yes, the guy at Home Depot asked me fifty *million* times (not exaggerating) if I was SURE that I wanted this whole room white. And I know, it sounds crazy to lots of people that I didn't choose *color*, but honestly... if you know me (and saw my scrapbook gallery), you understand. White inspires me. Blank canvases make me feel creative. And that's what this space is about... inspiration, creativity, and fun. White walls with lots of bright colors, fun designs and vintage finds. Can't WAIT for it to be done!

Well, that's it for now! I'll post my closet next. It's yummy. :-)