Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The Old Man.

Last night, I was parked outside the library (waiting for my husband), and I saw this older gentleman, kind of hunched over and walking at this slow-shuffling pace. He looked kind of odd so I sat up to get a closer look. Yup! He was picking his butt as he walked into the library. Ewww! I don't even want to know...

*emmett* ~ who believes that if you wish to pick your butt, you should do so in the privacy of your own car, house, etc...

Friday, April 18, 2003

Mealworms... the Other White Meat.

I haven't written in a while because... well, I just want my shoulder to get better! But... this is a funny story so I had to share...

Mealworms... the other white meat.

My sister was feeding her frog, Aussie, the other day (he's an Australian White-Bellied Tree Frog), and he eats mealworms. Anyhoo... one of her daughters (Alaura) comes up while she's feeding Aussie. And my sister says, "Look, Alaura! Mealworms!"

And before my sister could do anything, Alaura grabbed that mealworm out of my sister's hand and threw it in her mouth! She ate it all up, and said... "Yum! Mommy! More!" Yeah, to be 15-months-old again... wouldn't that be swell. They'll eat anything, I suppose.

So anyway... my sister would not give Alaura another mealworm so she kicked and screamed and through a little temper-tantrum... for a mealworm! And you know... it got me to thinking. The only reason we think this is gross is because we've grown up accustomed to not eating bugs. If we started out eating bugs, it would be no big deal to us. Hmmm... I wonder what they *do* taste like... Delicious and nutritious! Taste just like chicken! ;-)

*emmett* ~ who is making a mental note to start my children young on creepy-crawly bugs. Ewww...

Thursday, April 10, 2003

The Legless Guy.

Today there was this guy skateboarding on one of the sidewalks in our apartment complex. Now generally, I wouldn't think this is eventful enough to write in my diary... however... this was no ordinary guy.

He didn't have legs! That's right! He was skateboarding down the sidewalk with his arms! He was sitting down on the skateboard, while using his arms to push him along. It was sweet-ass! I admire him. I've lived here for almost 4 months now, and I'd never seen him before. I suppose I should sit out on my deck more often. (Hey, maybe I'll have more to write about.)

You know... this really makes me think all the things we take for granted. I broke both of my legs (at the same time) when I was younger so I know what it's like not being able to use your legs. So thank you, Legless-Guy, for reminding me how blessed I am to have my legs... and that I'm able to use them.

*emmett* ~ who always thought she had larger-than-average ankles, but is now glad that she even *has* ankles. I love my larger-than-average ankles! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

An Octothorpe.

Since I haven't been going to work (because I'm still on medical leave), I haven't had much to say. But I *would* like to let everybody know that the pound/number sign (#) that we use quite often is not called a pound/number sign at all. It's actually called an "octothorpe"!

See... you *do* learn something every day. :) And *that* something learned was cool!

Go ahead... you can spread it around to your friends if you'd like. They'll think you're cool.

*emmett* ~ who needs a hobby

Friday, April 4, 2003

The Plumber.

Last night, the "Super" from our apartment knocks on our door and asks us not to use our sink because something's wrong with the plumbing. And he said it was "too late to call the plumber."

Then, this afternoon, he comes and knocks on our door letting us know that we still can't use the sink, but the plumber is here so it will be fixed soon. So my husband and I decide to go somewhere, and as we're walking out of the apartment building, we see the plumbing truck, and right on the side it says, "24-hour Plumbing"!

So umm... why exactly couldn't he come last night? Hmmm...

*emmett* ~ who now has dishes stacked and stinking because she can't wash them. Ewww...