Friday, April 18, 2003

Mealworms... the Other White Meat.

I haven't written in a while because... well, I just want my shoulder to get better! But... this is a funny story so I had to share...

Mealworms... the other white meat.

My sister was feeding her frog, Aussie, the other day (he's an Australian White-Bellied Tree Frog), and he eats mealworms. Anyhoo... one of her daughters (Alaura) comes up while she's feeding Aussie. And my sister says, "Look, Alaura! Mealworms!"

And before my sister could do anything, Alaura grabbed that mealworm out of my sister's hand and threw it in her mouth! She ate it all up, and said... "Yum! Mommy! More!" Yeah, to be 15-months-old again... wouldn't that be swell. They'll eat anything, I suppose.

So anyway... my sister would not give Alaura another mealworm so she kicked and screamed and through a little temper-tantrum... for a mealworm! And you know... it got me to thinking. The only reason we think this is gross is because we've grown up accustomed to not eating bugs. If we started out eating bugs, it would be no big deal to us. Hmmm... I wonder what they *do* taste like... Delicious and nutritious! Taste just like chicken! ;-)

*emmett* ~ who is making a mental note to start my children young on creepy-crawly bugs. Ewww...

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