Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Taking my husband to the grocery store with me is like taking a 5 year old. I suppose that's why I enjoy bringing him along. We don't have a 5 year old so when I get to spend that hour shopping with him, I feel like I do. :) Awww... that's nice.

The foods he contributed to the shopping cart while I wasn't looking:

1. LiveSaver FruitSplosion candies (which he quickly dove into as I put away the groceries)

2. Fritos Honey BBQ Flavor-Twists

3. Sun-Maid Yogurt Raisins

4. English Toffee Cookies

5. Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers

6. A pound of honey ham (only strange because *I* don't eat ham... he expects to finish off a pound of deli ham in a week?! Wow. Just wow.)

And if you're wondering... no, I don't let him go shopping on his own. That would be quite dangerous!

Funny thing is that I'm so busy putting fruits, veggies and other healthy things in our cart, to even notice him doing these things! So cute. :)

So what did your 5 year old/husband put in the cart while you weren't looking?!


Bad idea: Feeding my dog cucumber at 2:00 am.

Good idea: Teaching her to throw up on the indoor potty.

That's right, folks! All of those, "No, wait, Ruby! Quick! WizDog!" moments, where I noticed she was about to spew on our carpet, and I grabbed her and quickly placed her on the indoor potty (the WizDog) have paid off...

She actually walked over there on her *own* accord and spewed her little tummy contents. My poor little baby for spewing chunks, but what a good little baby she is! :)

*And in my defense, I give her cucumbers on a regular basis. I have no idea what made her get sick. She *does* have acid-reflux though... I'm blaming it on the fact that it's 2am. And if the other dog gets sick, I'll blame it on old cucumbers. (Hey, they looked okay to me!) And the fact that it's 2am, and I'm still awake. Ugh. I hate insomnia...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


There's something about belting Celine Dion songs that makes you feel just so good. Not that I listen to her that often... never, actually. But when I'm feeling like I am today (heavy on the heart), singing her songs like their mine... just makes me feel so good inside. *sigh* Thank you, Celine. :)

Monday, January 7, 2008


Okay, so there is this house a few doors down from us. They have eleven bird feeders surrounding their back porch/deck. Yes, you read that correctly... *eleven*! (That's right, nothing to do in my life except stand around and count bird feeders.)

So the other day, I'm walking the puppies, and I see the man (who lives in the bird-feeder house) walk out of his house and wave cardboard (wildly, I might add) at the birdies who came to his deck. He's shooing them away and banging the cardboard on the deck... I can only assume he would do this to make enough noise to scare them off. So they all fly away.

I'm up at about 7am every morning walking the pups. And this man? He's doing this *every* morning. Now, I made a 2008 goal to think positive thoughts and make all things that come from me come in a nice and loving manner. But I'm just confused. Isn't it possible that the dozen birds around his house has *something* to do with the fact that he has ELEVEN bird feeders!

It's not like I thought, "Hmm... they have a lot of bird feeders. They must really hate birds!" Quite the contrary. It seems like common sense to me. It's like Field of Dreams style, "If you build [bird feeders], they will come."

Get rid of the bird feeders. Get rid of the birds.

I'm seriously considering leaving a nice, anonymous note on their front door, "If you take down the bird feeders, they will leave." That's nice, right?! :D

*bird drawing by Steve Hearn*