Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sharing FULL Scrap Room.

So... back in May, I posted a sneak of my scrap room.
It was so cool to be in Creating Keepsakes' special issue (Creative Spaces),
and I figured I'd give it a couple months...
they probably wanted us to wait like 30-60 days or something.
I didn't ask about the exact time period. Maybe I should have. ;-)

So it dawned on me the other day that I STILL hadn't shared
my scrap room in full. UGH! I had to get on that.


Without further ado...

My Scrap Room!
(you can click on the photos to make them larger!)

When you walk through the the french doors 
(that we actually removed because I wanted the room to be an extension of the living room...) 

And when you look to the left... 

And when you look to the right...
*cute curtains from Pier 1... now discontinued :-(

And when you keep walking straight ahead to the right,
you turn that corner, and enter my little sitting area nook... 

Took me a lot of tweaking to get the nook just right.
The loveseat is an Ektorp from IKEA. 
Didn't plan to have this loveseat in here, as we bought it 
as our "for now" furniture for our first apartment in Austin.
This cover was on clearance for THIRTEEN DOLLARS (yeah, down from like... $140).
So I was *ecstatic* that it matched perfectly. :-)

The bookcase behind the loveseat?
Believe it or not, that used to be a twin bed headboard! 
My dad and sister added spindles to each side, and they made it
into an entertainment unit. And I inherited it from them. :-)
Jeremy added legs, so that it would sit perfectly behind the loveseat.
(Jeremy's brilliant idea, not mine. ;-) )
(It REALLY needs lamps and/or plants on either side. Some day... :-) )

So I re-painted it, altered the inside with October Afternoon's Hometown 
scrapbook paper (one of my favorite collections of all time),
and added cute knobs and fun things. :-)

Pillows from Target.
Poms from Jo-Ann's dollar spot.
Stool from IKEA (painted to match my color scheme).
Everything else was found secondhand at thrift stores/antique stores/vintage shops.

So here are more shots around the room...

This is looking back toward the door of the room,
so the left wall when you first walk in... 

elfa Shelving (on sale right now till Feb 13th!!)

And a close-up...

Shoe storage holds punches.
Acrylic organizer (that I'm now finding a new home for...) holds stamp pads and stuff.

Desk chair is a commercial/retail chair. 
I got it at a vintage shop in Austin, but what's really funny...
these same chairs are used at Taco Cabana all over Austin! LOL. :-p

And my work table.
Cardstock and patterned paper under work space.

Embellishment drawers (original and altered).
Friends frame with my altered switchplate.

At other angles...

"Reyanna" sign I've had since 1985. 
My dad had them made for all of us kids.
He *only* took them out at Christmastime, 
so I was so glad when he gave it to me to look at every day. :-)
After MUCH debate about altering it, I decided to keep it
in all its original wood glory. :-D

Alphabet sticker/Thicker organization (far left on paper shelf).
Bold boxes (under paper).

UglyDoll: Wedgehead.

Current kit/favorite papers in progress (on left) sit in this.


I know... A LOT of photos. But I hope you enjoyed my scrap room tour!
Thank you for looking!
I hope to do a video tour too. :-)
That would have to be in pieces though because it would be LOOOOONG!
And you would probably get sick of me. LOL. :-p

If you have any questions or need more close-ups, 
please let me know! 
I can always do a follow-up post. :-D

p.s. If you're looking to redecorate a room, try these coupons for Home Depot.


Keshet said...

Love it, Rey!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing!!!!

Zorina said...

Aww, so cool! Thanks for sharing it with us.

kinsey said...

love it rey! i'm jealous of the sitting area :)

Lexi said...

so bright and organized! LOVE that :) totally looks like you :)

em said...

love it.
especially the curtains.
i actually think of those curtains often...and wish i had a place in my house to use curtains! ;)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Your scraproom is the crem-de-la-crem (or however that's spelled). You have such a knack for organizing and making things look good!

JenniferSanborn said...

Very cool!! Love the Friends tribute. :)

Ursula Schneider said...

this looks fabulous Reyanna!

Heather Landry said...

Can I just say... I actually drooled over those curtains! Your organizational skills are beyond amazing. Everything looks so clean and accessible! I love your room!

Bashful said...

Awesome room, Reyanna! Love it!

Joy Madison said...

Still love the curtains. I really like the way you did the light switch area! Super cute!