Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sharing Sneaks and Projects!

One year ago today, we closed on our house and became first-time homeowners! YAY! Also, TEN years ago today, Jeremy and I had our first kiss ( **insert "awwwww" sound here** ). It's a big day in our house! Now, hopefully, Jeremy will come home from work at a reasonable hour, so we can celebrate!

I thought it was only fitting to show some photos of things *in* our home. Okay, just a few. LOL. I'll be back with more!

First, my Goodwill finds! How cute is this little vintage basket? For 1$?!?! Yes, please! Holds current month's kit embellishments (or any other fun things I pick up and want to use soon)...

And this fabric box for $3. What's funny... I got one similar to this (same fabric, different size) two years ago at an antique store! I love that they coordinate now. :-) This is now housing all my brads because, wow, that collection has grown! LOL. :-p

And this adorable vintage case (only $4), which I think used to hold alcohol of some kind. It's now my Mod Podge box. :-D Mmm... I love how everything has a place. I heart organization so much. SO MUCH.

(Oops! Forgot to take a photo of the adorable *outside* of the box. Well, I'll take one soon!)

Gathered some vintage paper ephemera from my collection and made this little clothesline thingie in the hallway. Just a sneak, for now...

And some sneak peeks of our laundry room! Yahoo! It's pretty much finished, save for the wall decor. Ohmigosh, that's the hardest part! I've had SOOO many ideas, so now I just need to *decide*! Hopefully, I'll finish soon. I.Can.Not.Wait. :-D

I've also been creating just a bit. I needed some more bookmarks, so I quickly through these together. Jeremy actually made some too! We had a full-on craft night! HEEE! :-)

And I altered these journals. See the print on the one on the right? That was actually a bag from an antique store.... as in, my friend bought me something, and the store uses these super-cute bags to put their stuff in! I had to use it right away! LOL.

That's it for today. I have GOT to go help a friend move! I'll be back with more pics of around our house!