Friday, April 8, 2011


I didn't used to label everything. I felt like I knew where everything was, where everything belonged.

Then I got smart. LOL.

Now I label *everything*. Even if I know where something is, I've realized that when I have labels, I get to it faster, and it just looks pretty. ;-) (Not just in my scrap room, but other places in my home too. The pantry, the fridge (!!! LOL), the linen closet, the laundry room, the master closet, etc.) But here are some of my favorite labeling places in my scrap room.

My blue baskets... I got a whole box of little white tags (from Staples or any office supply store), and I removed their white strings and just tied some red gingham on them. (This blue basket no longer holds these 6x6 pads, but I still have the same labeling in effect.)

These red and orange boxes. I have SOOO many of these (in three colors) all over my scrap room. I use the SAME blue cardstock for each label to give them a bit of unity (plus my own handwriting... tee hee).

My blue vintage suitcase that holds my paint? It totally needed a cute label, so I used an SEI ticket, some twine and some alpha stickers.

Okay, I lied. Not ALL the Container Store boxes have blue tags. LOL. I thought it would be fun to put some of my favorite patterned papers (these are October Afternoon). The two colored ones are memorabilia, and the one with a newspaper-looking label? It holds newspaper clippings of family members and memorable events. You could also use this method for holding colored papers and such. No actual "title" or "label," but just the "color" of what's in there.

My scrapbook albums have SUPER quick and easy labeling. These are those rimmed tags you can get in a box at the office supply store. I just used a punch to punch out circles from cardstock and write the title. They're stuck on with glue dots. See? Easy and fast. :-)

*Sometimes,* I like to get all crazy crafty with my labeling. ;-) These labels were just punched, and then I used paper clips and twine to attach to the drawers. This idea is loosely based off of Stacy Julian's method of how she labels her albums.

They are my embellishments by color, so I also added some of my favorite coordinating-color embellishments.

I thought long and hard (heeee ;-) ) about how I would label my photo drawers. I wanted something... umm... not boring? LOL. I got these vintage (from Kentucky!) mini-postcards from a long ago Studio Calico kit. I cut them to size to fit in each of the four drawers' book plates. I just added mini stickers for the titles.

One of my favorite storage items in my scrap room are these canvas bins. I'm kinda obsessed with these. I'm not even kidding. I have EIGHT in my scrap room (I will add two more at the end of this year, I think... LOL). I also have them in our linen closet (for sheets, pillowcases, first aid stuff, dog stuff, etc), guest bathroom (towels), and they WILL go ;-) in the baby's room (in lieu of drawers).
The labels? Are Sassafras linen cards! I don't even have to trim them (YES!!!!!)... they fit *perfectly* in that little label pocket! Then I use mini alpha stickers (all in black to keep it unified) to identify the contents. :-) Here's a close-up:

And those are just some of the fun ways I use labels in my scrap room. I *do* own a label maker, but I only used that to label my Cropper Hopper folders.

So have you gotten creative with your labeling? I'd love to hear some of your ideas! :-D


Jaime Lynne said...

Oh, you darling Rey of sunshine! The labels just make me so happy! :)

Bashful said...

I love labels. :-)

So far, about the only stuff I've labeled is my scrappy supplies, but you've given me some ideas for labeling other things! Thanks!

Linds said...

What?! No examples of labeling in the fridge? I feel slighted. ;-)