Sunday, April 17, 2005

Kissa, My Kitty!

... we got a kitten. I still can't believe it. It took us hours to decide whether or not to get her. She was so cute and sweet. She likes the dogs...
... and the dogs like her! ;-)

She doesn't cry, and she's a cutie. I was so happy.

It then took us another few hours to decide on a name for her. Jeremy chose Kissa. It means "cat" in Finnish. I think it's perfect for her.

But now... I'm so nervous. What if my allergies and asthma are bad because of her? What if she's difficult to train? What if I can't get somebody to stop by and feed her while we're away? What if? What if? So many questions.

Jeremy says I worry way too much. He's wanted a cat for so long. He loves kitties. I love kitties too though. :) I'm just... nervous, I suppose. Three pets is kind of a lot of work. Was this the right thing to do? Grrr... so many questions.

*emmett* ~ who is confused...