Saturday, October 30, 2010

Altering with FabRips.

So... unfortunately, my Home Depots next to me took two big doses of stupid (or at least two of the guys did...), so my laundry room project is taking much longer than expected. :-p Their mistakes on plywood and paint are just a small hiccup, and I'm hoping to be done this week! :-D

But I have had time to do some other fun projects!

These were made with Studio Calico FabRips! Seriously, you don't even need a tutorial... I just placed them on and wrapped them around, cutting off the corners. So easy and fun! :-)

I'll be back with some altered journals, some homemade bookmarks, and my latest Goodwill finds! Yay! :-)

p.s. As inspiration... how beautiful is this home I saw at House of Turquoise?! If you live in Australia, it's for sale, and it could be yours for the bargain price of $2.1 million dollars. Just sayin... ;-)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Refurbishing the Laundry Room.

Yes, I'm updating. Yay! I've actually really missed blogging this last month, but I just needed some time away, you know?! It's amazing how productive I am when I stay away from the computer. ;-)

Reading this post of April's *really* inspired me to take on my laundry room. I finished my scrap room (photos to come later...), so I needed a new project!

I ventured in there and realized I needed some new containers (shocking, I know). I wanted to use what I had on hand (I have empty containers in every room... you're not surprised, are you?). I realized that in the nursery closet, I had two containers I got at Target. I had NO place to put them and even no IDEA where I would use them (because they are quite girly, and I like all the rooms in my house to be neutral-neutral), but they were SO cute that I had to buy them. :-p

*Insert lightbulb moment here.*

I would use one of the containers (Liberty of London CD box) as inspiration and transform my laundry room into a SUPER girly and fun laundry haven. Here are the photos (found while browsing my Tumblr) I'm also using as inspiration:

See that lamp in Penelope's room? Funny, that is the SAME pattern as my Liberty of London CD box. Serendipitous? I think yes.

So my colors are aqua, bubblegum pink, and a creamy, sunshiney yellow. It's funny, I'm *not* a pink kind of girl. But with aqua and yellow?! It's kinda yummy. :-D

So, yay! I'm hoping to finish within the week. Stay tuned!