Saturday, October 23, 2010

Refurbishing the Laundry Room.

Yes, I'm updating. Yay! I've actually really missed blogging this last month, but I just needed some time away, you know?! It's amazing how productive I am when I stay away from the computer. ;-)

Reading this post of April's *really* inspired me to take on my laundry room. I finished my scrap room (photos to come later...), so I needed a new project!

I ventured in there and realized I needed some new containers (shocking, I know). I wanted to use what I had on hand (I have empty containers in every room... you're not surprised, are you?). I realized that in the nursery closet, I had two containers I got at Target. I had NO place to put them and even no IDEA where I would use them (because they are quite girly, and I like all the rooms in my house to be neutral-neutral), but they were SO cute that I had to buy them. :-p

*Insert lightbulb moment here.*

I would use one of the containers (Liberty of London CD box) as inspiration and transform my laundry room into a SUPER girly and fun laundry haven. Here are the photos (found while browsing my Tumblr) I'm also using as inspiration:

See that lamp in Penelope's room? Funny, that is the SAME pattern as my Liberty of London CD box. Serendipitous? I think yes.

So my colors are aqua, bubblegum pink, and a creamy, sunshiney yellow. It's funny, I'm *not* a pink kind of girl. But with aqua and yellow?! It's kinda yummy. :-D

So, yay! I'm hoping to finish within the week. Stay tuned!


em said...

I love those rooms! That yellow crib has been on my radar for quite some time!! I can't wait to see the new laundry room. April's laundry room is nicer than like my whole house... ;)

Mandie said...

lovely pics, reyanna! i LOVED that liberty of london stuff. have several of the boxes in my scrap room holding punched & photos! can't wait to see your new laundry room!

Geralyn said...

LOVE your inspiration pieces for the your laundry room! Love the bright and happy colors :)

jamie long said...

glad ur back, cant wait to see ur finished room

Christina said...

love all the bright colors, good inspo

Ally said...

Oooh - yellow and aqua... yum.