Monday, January 9, 2012

PhotoBoothing with Hattie at 5 mos.

So... we had a crazy busy weekend, so Hattie is not herself today 
for our PhotoBoothing session. She's just so tired! :-( Ah well. 
I LOVE this outfit (given to us by our friend Michelle), 
so I decided we needed to do our PhotoBoothing anyway. :-)

This was me trying to hold one of her favorite toys up over the camera. 
She *always* smiles at this toy, but i don't know... because it was over the computer's camera,
these are the looks I got instead... LOL.

Then I decided that I'd put her closer to the camera, 
so she'd see her adorable self on the screen and want to smile...


Still no luck. Okay, THEN I decided to tickle her chin. 
That always gets a smile...


Okay, didn't want it to come to this, but now Mom decides
she should act crazy, so Hattie will smile, and then I'll try
to get a quick smile in before the camera takes the photo...

Uhh... yeah. The result is... Mama looking like a silly fool,
while Hattie has a look on her face that says,
"My mom is ridiculous. Seriously? This is what she's doing to get me to smile?!
Oh, brother. Are we done yet?"

And so, I claim defeat. No smile this month, 
so we just try to look pretty instead. ;-)


Alison said...

Well, you've got looking pretty down pat! And, the picture of Hattie reaching for her toy- SO reminds me of one of the twinlets. I could just HEAR her saying "please?" with a cute little lisp...

SchrefflerFamily said...

My son is the only one that can reliably get a smile out of my 5 month old.