Monday, January 7, 2008


Okay, so there is this house a few doors down from us. They have eleven bird feeders surrounding their back porch/deck. Yes, you read that correctly... *eleven*! (That's right, nothing to do in my life except stand around and count bird feeders.)

So the other day, I'm walking the puppies, and I see the man (who lives in the bird-feeder house) walk out of his house and wave cardboard (wildly, I might add) at the birdies who came to his deck. He's shooing them away and banging the cardboard on the deck... I can only assume he would do this to make enough noise to scare them off. So they all fly away.

I'm up at about 7am every morning walking the pups. And this man? He's doing this *every* morning. Now, I made a 2008 goal to think positive thoughts and make all things that come from me come in a nice and loving manner. But I'm just confused. Isn't it possible that the dozen birds around his house has *something* to do with the fact that he has ELEVEN bird feeders!

It's not like I thought, "Hmm... they have a lot of bird feeders. They must really hate birds!" Quite the contrary. It seems like common sense to me. It's like Field of Dreams style, "If you build [bird feeders], they will come."

Get rid of the bird feeders. Get rid of the birds.

I'm seriously considering leaving a nice, anonymous note on their front door, "If you take down the bird feeders, they will leave." That's nice, right?! :D

*bird drawing by Steve Hearn*


Angela said...

That would be nice enough I think. Very strange man...

Louisa :) said...

I think a nice note is in order.

Heather said...

ROFLOL I swear there are some weirdos out there. Hehehehe... That gave me the giggles. Jordan is doing much better! Thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the wife loves birds and the hubby secretly hates them.