Monday, January 24, 2011

Missing Bailey.

Just realized I never did a post about Bailey, my dad's dog.

My sister got her for Christmas in 1998. But she really latched on to my dad. She was *his*, and they did EVERYTHING together.

She died suddenly on July 31st, and we still aren't sure what caused it. She was only 11... she had a good few years left! The doctor thinks it could have been something inside her that burst. Or she could have eaten something poisonous. We all miss her, but especially Dad. :-(

Here is an adorable photo of Bailey (center) with my pups, Amber (left) and Ruby (right). Bailey liked to keep to herself, but she would share my dad occasionally. ;-)

And this was the when she was here visiting in May. I think they had a fun time. :-)

And the last photo of her with my parents. She was a good dog. I'm hoping to make a mini album for my Dad... full of wonderful photos (read: most are blurry because they were taken before digi cameras... LOL.) But... I know he'll love it. :-)

We love you, Bailey! And you are missed. Dad *still* cries over you and thinks about you every single day. :-)


Chris and Paige Evans said...

It's always so sad to lose a pet :( The cat I got when I was 8 is still alive at my parent's house. She'll be 18 this year. Crazy!! I don't know what I'm gonna do when she dies...

Jude@ThisJewels4You said...

Losing a pet takes time to overcome the grief. I've done it twice in the past three years and it still hurts just not as much as time goes on. I now have two new little guys that I've adopted within the past year. I love shih tzu's. They are just the best little dog you could have. Don't get me wrong as they have their moments...being stubborn is one of them. My heart goes out to your dad for the loss of his friend. Jude