Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Desperate.

We have NO food in the house. Okay, maybe a little bit, but not really enough to make something substantial (no milk, eggs, butter, cheese, tortillas, meat, etc). I so don't feel well enough to go shopping, and poor Jeremy worked an overnight, so he is sleeping. He said he'll shop when he wakes up. :-)

But that still left me with... what do I eat today besides peanut butter toast?! This is where I get creative. I made a stew! It took me like 5-10 minutes, and it's SOOO yummy. I thought I'd share the recipe, just in case you want to make it too. :-)

I'm calling it...

"Leftovers" Stew

1 can stewed tomatoes (Italian recipe) *This was found in pantry.

1 can tomato paste *Also found in pantry! (I'm so glad I decided to buy these two to save for a rainy day!)

1/2 can leftover black beans in fridge

1/2 can leftover refried beans in fridge

Rotisserie chicken pieces (okay, I literally, scraped the bones for all the meat I could find!)

Almost-empty bag of frozen corn

2 cups water

2 tsp chicken base

I threw all this (at the same time) into a pot and simmered on medium until hot. That was it. LOL. I didn't even have to add seasoning or salt because of the stewed tomatoes and chicken base! It is super delicious. :-D

I'm sure it would be much better with full cans of beans and more corn and chicken, so feel free to do that if you make your own. But if you have this stuff on hand, and you're at a loss... you won't go hungry. ;-)

*Photo by user, "Parsley" at It kinda looks like this... without the tasty cilantro. ;-)

p.s. I started an organization blog! :-) I'll give it a facelift soon, but it's the content that counts, right?! ;-)


sillypea said...

So clever - us Leos are known to be resourceful. :-)

Amy Coose said...

I'm impressed, you sure made quite a meal there!

Kelly said...

Looks delish Reyanna xxx

Sasha hOlloway said...

wow .. wanna come and teach me how to cook this

ella@lifeologia said...

Sounds like my kind of dinner all the time ;)
When you mentioned you didn't have milk, eggs, cheese..... - I thought that's normal for my house ;)

It's so good to have canned goods and frozen vegetables on a 'snowy' day in my case ;)

(thanks for the other comment on my blog - I think I will do a whole post on 'lifeologia' the meaning etc.
for a short summary; logia means sayings, teachings, oracles, I don't know how to describe pronunciation but it's along the lines of the name 'Logan' with a short g) Like I said this needs a post to clarify. Thanks for making me realize that many more people may not know what this means etc.
xoxo Ella

Kelly Noel said...

that looks awesome!

Sweet Peripety said...

yummy! i'm coming over for leftovers! LOL!

Jenn said...

That sounds delicious! Aaaaaaaand, now I'm hungry. ;) Your post was some needed inspiration, haha. :)