Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This year, I've been on TWO road trips. And they were over 2,000 miles EACH. Yeah, it was craziness! The first one was done with just Ruby in tow. The second, I had Ruby *and* Amber (not as fun... LOL).

But I loved taking the road trips because I was able to meet with my cool online friends! My friend Kitty lives in Ohio, and she was super awesome enough to drive to Columbus to see me. :) We had so much fun chatting and having lunch at Panera. It was all rainy and yucky outside, but we still managed to get a picture. I think she and Ruby look great, but me? Eh... I look like I've been in the car for a few days. LOL. Uh-huh. Moving on...

And on the 2nd trip, I was able to meet Amber! Amber drove an hour to see me outside Nashville, and we met at a park. It was so awesome hanging out and having a picnic. I was totally stoked to meet her!

Meeting both of them were fantastic because they're just SO sweet! Love them! :) Both these ladies were part of my Kids at Heart swap at Scrapbook.com. Even though we swapped a long time ago, we still have our forum going because we've just become such great friends! :) Now I just have two more of the Kids at Heart ladies to meet (I've met the other four). But Vikki and Angela, I WILL be meeting you... you can't hide! :D


Bashful said...

Aaccckkkk! Gosh, Reya, you could've warned me, LOL. I love the picture of you and Amber, though. You and Ruby always look great, but I'm wishing we'd met *after* my haircut, LOL.

But bad picture or not, I'm so glad we got to meet, because *YOU* are so sweet! :-)

Angela said...

Ha! Ha! Well, I can't wait. Beautiful pictures of all 3 of you!

Sam! said...

Hi Reyanna!!! it's Sam from RI!!! i have a blogy thingy too!!!!!!!!! i'll email it to you!

love and hugs!!