Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yes, I do realize that... technically... "birthdaying" is not a word, and my obsession with gerunds takes an unexpected turn, but hey, it's my party, and I can make up words if I want to!

Twenty-seven years ago today, July 30th, this little cutie was born. I just wish my hair was as blonde now as it was back then! :-p (And how cool was my dad for being a professional photographer in the 80s, when it wasn't as cool as it is now... how thankful am I?!?!)

It would have been more appropriate to post a birthday post at the *beginning* of the day, as opposed to the end, but I had a BUSY day, so 11:00pm will have to do.

Started my new job today. And for those of you who have never heard of it... run, don't walk to The Container Store right now. :) BEST.COMPANY.EVER. I mean, of course I loved it when I heard that all they sell is organizational and storage supplies (with a scrapbooking section to boot!), but then I found out that they're in the Top 20 Best Companies To Work For (in Fortune Magazine)... EIGHT years running!

I think I've had the best first day ever. Okay, first day at Disney was pretty awesome too, but wow... The Container Store really does go above and beyond in every aspect of operating their business... from training to hiring to how they treat employees... to their can't-be-beat customer service. I'm in love. Seriously. In love with this company.

The 40% discount doesn't help either! ;)

So yes, I started today, and then I went out to a fabulous dinner at Carrabba's (with my new friend Laura). Yummy soup and Chicken Marsala. Yum again! Then my friend Laura and I came home and made chocolate cupcakes. We took them out of the oven early and had them with vanilla ice cream, as part of the batter ran out... oooh, heavenly.

AND... Jeremy got me a month membership to a rock climbing gym here! So the DAY my foot is better (still limping...), I am heading over there! Yahoo!

Ohmigosh, SUCH a good day. I needed a good day to. And I'm glad it was today. Because this may sound conceited, but this is my favorite day of the year! LOVE my birthday. I wish it lasted longer. ;-)

Also, happy birthday to Jeremy, who is also 27 today! :) Our first birthday apart in seven years, but we survived. :-p

Here's to Year #28 that is on its way! Twenty-eight just happens to be my favorite number, so I am STOKED about that! LOL. But slow down, Reyanna... enjoy being 27. That's *almost* 30, you know! ;-) There I go again...


Emilie Ahern said...


You are such a joy and a wonderful person that you deserve the best day ever and everything from the container store. LOL!

Love ya!

Angela said...

Yay! for happy birthdays! :)

Bashful said...

Yes, you were totally due for a wonderful day, and I'm so glad it was this one! I say it's a good sign that this coming year will be super terrific! :-)