Friday, July 4, 2008


Lots of catching going on. Catching up. Catching sicknesses. Catching my breath. *sigh* I've been wanting to post for so long. Funny how "life" gets in the way of recording my life on a blog. Tee hee. Oh well. So I'll post in spurts. Spurts of what's been going on. :)

Shortly before I went to Colorado (in March), I went to a super-fun scrapbooking class taught by my wonderful and talented friend, Kelly. It was great because we finally got to meet in person! Huzzah!

Since she lives in Kentucky, and I in Rhode Island, we both thought that was pretty darn cool! ;) We had so much fun laughing and chatting and scrapping. And she finally encouraged me to buckle down and finish my parents' engagement album (that I had been working on for almost a year!)... and I managed to glue down like three pages while I was at the crop with her. Woohoo. Thanks again a million and one, Kelly!

One post that I've been meaning to do: Done!

More to come! Hoorah! :D

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