Thursday, June 16, 2011

Listing My Favorite Things

So Oprah has a list of her favorite *things*, and I think it's always fun to see other people's lists. So... I thought I'd make my own too. (This is not counting people or puppies or things like that... just *things* this time...)

Now, after EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of these products, I could write the subtitle, "This is the best EVER!"... but I won't. That could get annoying. Tee hee. :-p Just know as you're reading these, that I think these products are AMAZING and AWESOME, and living without them would be... well, it would NOT be fun! ;-) Just sayin... ;-)

I use these items every single day. Seriously. Honestly. No joke. :-D

1. Mint Eco-Lips lip moisturizer

2. L'Occitane Olive Organic Lip Balm (kinda expensive for lip stuff, but PERFECT for when it's too hot for chapstick... those things melt! LOL! And... it lasts forever!)

4. Nalgene 32oz water bottles (I NEVER leave home without one! EVER! ;-) )

5. Built NY 32oz bottle tote
(I use it with my Nalgene... and mine is black instead of red.)

7. Vera Bradley All-in-One Wristlet (They now make one to hold the iPhone... you know, if you have one. I don't have a smart phone [I wouldn't use it... LOL], but if you do... ;-) This is my favorite new color, English Meadow. I don't own anything in this color YET, but I will... some day... ;-) )
It's awesome because it has a wrist loop (I also hook my keys on there if I'm just running into a store quickly), an inside zipper pocket (where I put cash and coins) and a few places for cards (I only have a few...), and under *those* pockets, it has a lengthwise pocket that holds more cards, which I use to hold punch/value/membership card thingies......
And then on the *outside* of it, it has an ID window thingy. I keep my driver's license and debit card in there, so I don't have to unzip the wallet to get out the two things I use most! ...

8. Copco Sierra Cold Tumbler w/ straw (perfect for my smoothies!)

10. Company Store Microfleece Blanket (psst... I waited till it went on clearance and got the twin size for $13!!!)

11. Moleskine journals (Volant in x-small, a TINY size, now in COLORS!!)

12. Viva Choose-A-Size Paper Towels (they feel like towels!)

13. Eco Sponge (these last FOREVER... I just put them in the dishwasher once a week. Love that they don't smell bad after months and months of use. You should probably still change them though... LOL.)

14. iMac


Just Jaime said...

Great list. Have you ever heard of a Favorite Things party? It's so fun. You bring 10 of your favorite thing (like ten of your favorite chapstick) to share with 10 friends. They each bring 10 of their favorite things and you end up with a really fun goodie bag of different stuff. We did it for RS and it was a hit!

em said...

Fun!! :) And Jaime's party sounds super fun!

Barb said...

Fun list! And, love Jaime's idea!

Jill said...

Great idea for a post!

Alison said...

Fabulous idea! I've begun thinking of my own list!! Thanks for the inspiration!