Monday, June 13, 2011

Growing: 33 Weeks

(I look really tired in this photo. Taken at like 10pm... LOL.
Also, my lordosis has gotten worse since I've been pregnant,
and I just noticed this today! So I tried to correct it in this photo,
by purposely trying to straighten out my back. Tee hee.)

And some stuff about me at 33 Weeks...

Notes: Finally feeling pregnant! LOL. Getting up in the middle of the night (and the morning) is SO difficult! LOL. Honestly, I feel like I'm 100 years old... you know, normal 3rd trimester stuff... a bit of swelling in hands/feet, arthritis in hands and wrists, pain in my back and sciatic nerve (I had this before pregnancy, but it's just flaring up now...), and stiff and sore. Thankfully, this all pretty much goes away within 30 minutes of being out of bed. YAY!

Feeling a bit tired too, but I'm *trying* to take naps to help that. That's tough for me. I'm not a fan of naps. Tee hee. Still feeling pretty great during the day though, and I know it gets harder and harder over the next few weeks, so I'm just trying to stay positive. :-D

And... I'd take all this over 1st trimester nausea and sheer exhaustion any day! ;-)

Inches grown around tummy: 15 inches

Weight gained: 34-ish pounds (I started out under-weight, so this is fine)

Sex of baby: it's a surprise!

Heart rate of baby: cancelled my appointment (due to exhaustion... tee hee) for this last week, so I'll know in a few days!

Baby's Size: I haven't shared this before, but it's fun to know! Baby K is about four pounds now and over 17 inches long! Craziness!

Movement: TONS! I love seeing the wave-like movement going on in there! Today at church... a couple, sitting next to me, noticed my belly was moving around like CRAZY. The husband was like, "WHOA!" And gasped and giggled out loud. It was pretty funny. The woman on my other side said to me, "I guess your baby likes music!" (we were singing) LOL. It was pretty neat. :-)

Also, a funny story: At birthing class this last week, our instructor asked everyone if we thought our babies had rhythm. Jeremy's hand shot up, and he said, "I love feeling our baby move around! Reyanna says the baby gets hiccups, but I think he or she is beat-boxing in there!" LOL! It was hilarious. He totally made the whole class laugh. :-D I love him. He's so awesome.

Cravings: milk, sandwiches, ice cream

Weird food notes: Cake & ice cream is probably the most fabulous food combo EVER. Just sayin... ;-)

Baby's Room Progress:
  • Crib skirt is made! I haven't taken photos yet because I still need to attach part of it to the crib frame.
  • One piece of wall art is DONE!
  • Still need to make mobile.
  • Still have LOTS of projects to do (more wall art, side table, rocking chair, cushions, etc).
Also, Jeremy's family and a high school friend of mine threw me a shower this last Saturday. Jeremy and I also had a few close friends there, and it was lots of fun. (I will *probably* post photos...) While I was showing my step-mother-in-law how the baby was moving, Jeremy snapped this photo...

It's nice that I now have a pregnant photo of me NOT wearing black! ;-) Heee! I should probably take some more. LOL. :-p I have a church baby shower this week, and I'm SO excited about it as well! Hopefully, I'll remember my camera... ;-)


Amy said...

wow, you are SO beautiful. I love that photo of you at the bottom. I am incredibly happy for you!!!

Jaime Lynne said...

Beautiful! Inside and out! So happy for you both.

Also, to the punk who criticized your photographs... back off or take it up with me! :)

Love ya!

J Thax said...

You look GREAT! You are so crafty, I am excited to see pics of the baby room!

em said...

You look wonderful! :) :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

You look so cute Reyanna, you have no idea!!!! I'm getting so excited for you. Just a few weeks left!!

Barb said...

You look adorable. . . and so happy!

lisa truesdell said...

you are too, too cute - and almost there. YAY!

Emily Pitts said...

i am so excited for you two! this is one lucky baby and you'll be so glad you recorded all this.

Kathy said...

Look at you and baby bump!! SO happy for you Reyanna!! ENJOY these last few weeks on your own as a couple, whislt YOU can BOTH do what YOU want, when YOU want!! A dear friend said this to me, a few weeks over 10 years ago - I laughed at the time, so depserate to meet our baby and become a Mummy. When it was TOO late, and this litle person ( who will be 10 on Wednesday ) arrived, and HE ruled our worlds, did I realise what she meant :lol: