Friday, June 24, 2011

Walking Around the House.

So... in addition to finishing the baby's room, we've been doing other projects around the house. Whether it be painting, staining, rearranging, redecorating, I consider all of it "getting ready for baby." Jeremy may or may not agree with me. ;-) Tee hee.

I found an AWESOME oak table on Craigslist (forever ago!) for $40. I know. A steal. I'm excited too. ;-) It seats six of these antique chairs (hand-me-downs from my dad), so I think it's a pretty good size. Yes, it needs work, but at $40? Umm... we can handle the work! ;-)

The table (now covered in a table cloth to hide the... *ahem*... flaws) will be sanded and painted white. The chairs have been sanded, and we're just starting the white-stain process. Then I will reupholster them with fabric I got on clearance (another steal of only $7 for ALL six chairs!!!)...
(The paint sprayer is hanging out here after he finished the first coat of the chair and table for Baby's room.)

Here's a peek of one chair we've already stained (yes, I'm going for the weathered look, and I love how this turned out)...

And here are poms that are still hanging up after my baby shower. LOL. I like how they look. Tee hee. :-p

This china cabinet came from Jeremy's grandparents' house. Umm... it's been 1/2 primed for like... a year now. Oops. I DID tape it off to finish, but then Jeremy was like, "Oh, that glass just pops out." Umm... okay. LOL. It will be painted off-white. We'll get to it! ;-)

This trunk... I found at Ross or TJ Maxx for $35. We use this as our coffee table. The tray was at a consignment store for about $5. The bowl and coaster set are from a thrift store. The seashells are from our front yard in Rhode Island. LOL. ;-) (And that's our Shutterfly wedding album there too. Awwww! ;-) )

The side table (a hand-me-down from my dad... I BEGGED him for it. I love it so.) holds glass jars (I just washed out food jars), some silk tulips and some 1950's photos of my dad. That little basket holds cat/dog toys.

I have some more vases/glass jars on our bookshelves. They're mainly filled with flowers, rocks, sand and shells. I like the beachy thing. I miss our beach.

The small baskets (with the white tags) hold DVDs. The large baskets hold games. Under those, are little cabinets with books.

A peek of our photo wall in the living room. I had the macro lens on the camera and was way too lazy to change it, so you only get a small portion. LOL. Sorry. :-p (Buoy photos taken by Jeremy in Rhode Island... our next-door neighbor's fence).

Just another close-up of the other side of the book shelves.

And one photo of our guest bathroom...

That framed art of the little girl (it's chalk on sand paper by Dave Kurz, by the way)... That needs to be hung up. It *was* hung up, but I changed my mind about placement and took it down. Tee hee. It'll go on that wall to the left... just above the flowers.

And that's what I'm working on around the house. Things we need to get done... things we have gotten done (yay!). I know I need to share more photos of our house, so that's why I did this post. I definitely plan on doing more posts like this! :-)


em said...

the jars w/photos = genius!!

J Thax said...

I agree, I love the jar with the photos and tulips, so classic!

The Hidden Vegetable

Bashful said...

Your house is just so beautiful! You should be an interior decorator. Can I hire you? LOL.