Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Things Accomplished!

So... we did SOOOOO much yesterday! YAY! *sigh* I LOVE being productive. LOVE it. I'm glad I've had a bit o' energy. ;-) You know, between breaks. ;-)

Honestly didn't think *that* was going to happen yesterday either... because we're pretty sure Jeremy got food poisoning yesterday. Poor guy. Was throwing up....


Me (from the other room): Did you just sneeze?

Jeremy: No... I just threw up my cereal.


... and he spent the ENTIRE day in bed. (I took good care of him too! :-D ) But... when he woke up (at 4pm... LOL), he was ready to get some stuff done. YAY! :-D

He finally got around to painting the rocking chair and side table I got for the baby's room. He borrowed his dad's paint sprayer to make the job easier. Hoorah! (We still need to seal it with this Safecoat Acrylacq.)

This rocking chair was $50 at an antique store I love. Not sure it's actually an antique, but it's SUPER sturdy and comfy and adorable. And of course, I needed it to be white to match our crib...

This side table? It was FREE! It was *outside* the Goodwill drop-off. And the guy said they couldn't sell it because a piece of wood chipped off. Umm... okay. He said, "You can take it! Just don't let anyone see you!" LOL. Umm... okay! :-D

(Yes, Kissa is making a cameo in this post, and no, I didn't want to crop her out... because she's too adorable. :-D )

(I'll be sure to show before/after shots of both the rocking chair and table when they're completely done and in the room!)

I sorted baby clothes. That was kinda fun. Tee hee. This is my "to wash" pile of Newborn and 0-3 month clothes. (Yes, that top one is blue. No, I don't know if we're having a boy or a girl. I just had it, so decided to throw it in there. :-D )

And the "to wash" cloth diaper/cloth wipes pile. I'm VERY excited to wash these and put these away... probably more excited than any other job. Tee hee. (Yes, another blue item. I LOVE blue. Sorry. And if we have a girl, she will wear LOTS of blue. Because I LOVE blue. That is all.)

Next... two vintage items I would love to see in Baby K's room. This scale? How adorable is it?! Seriously?! LOVE it! It was a gift from my next door neighbor. :-) And this cute vintage baby box was $2 at my favorite antique store (where I got the rocking chair). Love that it matches our color scheme.

And a peek at the in-progress closet. Honestly, this pale grey (Benjamin Moore's Silver Lake) looked purple to me at first, but now I just love it! This stuff (sitting on the changing station) is just set there for now. None of it will stay put. That cute bag? I LOVE it (and it's blue, of course!)! I'll use it as the diaper bag, and then I can use it any way I want after that! :-D Adorable, compact, blue, lots o' pockets, and on-sale! Perfection.

This is also an "in-progress" shot. That lamp? I painted it to match the closet. Then I covered the lampshade with one of our room fabrics. Oh my. SO excited to see it on that cute little table (top of this post). And my Disney figurine collection. Jeremy may or may not argue when we go to actually hang it up. *sigh* Tough. I love it. It reminds me of my childhood. I love it. End of story.

A little peek at the crib and crib skirt I made! GO ME! (See how it matches the lampshade? WOO!) Umm... I still need a mattress cover and sheets. Tee hee.

And that's it! Well, we also went through a million boxes and worked on cleaning out the garage. See? Didn't we totally get a lot done?! It's crazy that we only have like... five weeks left until we hold this little one.


Anonymous said...

Preparing for baby to come is always one of my favorite things! I love putting baby clothes away and getting the room ready! Looks like you guys are doing a great job! I am not a pink person either, my first baby (a girl) wore lots of blue too!

J Thax said...

I am so excited to see the baby room all finished! I can't believe how much work you are doing, I would have been exhausted. :) We didn't decorate Dillon's room at all, we had our family do it! At our "baby shower" we had everyone paint a picture or some other artwork for the baby's room. It was so fun, and his room is colorful and original!
And don't worry, girls can wear blue too! (and brown and green!)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

That SCALE looks so cute! I can't wait to see the finished room! Your decorating skills are "perfection". (quick - name the episode Chandler says "that would be perfection!")

Alison said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with blue on a little baby girl. There's too much pink out there for girly babies. I love dressing my girls in anything BUT pink! (the only downside is I get tired of telling people my little boys are actually girls!!)

Barb said...

There's gonna be a baby soon!
How fun!

Sarah Webb said...

Lots of cuteness floating around this post :)

liz mataraza said...

oh my goodness! this looks awesome! don't you love what a little paint can do!

em said...

I love seeing little bits of the room! Can't wait until it is revealed!! :)

beth said...

Girlfriend, I am SO happy for you! Such a blessing and completely meant to be. It's hard to believe, but once that sweet baby arrives you'll forget what it was like to be pregnant so enjoy and cherish every second of this last month. xo

Angela said...

Hey! I never got around to telling you, I love that octagonal table - so jealous!! :)