Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Northern California vs. Southern California... and Cars.

So... yeah... more about cars. :) I'm not really obsessed with cars. I just see an awful lot of them in California... so this is what I'm choosing to write about. :)

You know what's really weird? People getting stickers custom-made for their cars. I mean, I can understand one that says your name or some little cult you belong to. But what's the deal with the stickers that say what kind of car it is? I mean, I often see these HUGE stickers.... I'm talking a foot high by four feet long... that say "CIVIC." Like the word that says the model of the car (that the factory puts on) isn't big enough. Are these people's names Civic? Do they belong to a Civic *Club*? I just don't get it... Hmmm... maybe it's a California thing.

Speaking of Californians. Let me tell you something about Northern Californians.... there are two kinds of people who live in Northern California: Those who were born and raised here and didn't want to move to Southern California because it's so busy and crazy down there... and those who lived in Southern California, but it got way too busy and crazy for them so they bring their own busy and crazy habits up here and try to create a *new* busy and crazy place without even really realizing it. The reason I know this is because I'm on the road quite a bit so I can tell by the way people drive.

"That dude just cut me off!" Yeah, the dude who cut the other person off: he would be from Southern California. The person pointing it out: Northern Californian. "Hurry up, Dude! You're going two miles *under* the speed limit!" Yeah... the person who needs to hurry up: Northern Californian. The person yelling at him: Southern Californian. Do you see? Those silly So-Cal people bring all their 'rush-rush-rush' mentalities with them, and because they're rushing, it causes the very stress-LESS Nor-Cal people to be rushed as well... therefore creating a whole new busy and crazy atmosphere like the one they're trying to avoid. Yup... I got this California place all figured out.

So which am I, you ask? Well, I'm a whole new breed. I was born and raised in Southern California and wanted desperately to get out of the business and craziness of it all so... I moved to Colorado, where everyone is nice and kind and friendly and they drive nice and safely. AND THEN I went back to Southern California and remembered how busy and crazy it was so.... I came to Northern California to join the people who don't want to be all rushed, but then I realized that the people *are* rushed because they are either former Southern Californians or native Northern Californians who are trying to adapt to the former Southern Californian way of life and so... we're moving to Rhode Island. I do, however, still drive the speed limit. Okay... five over the speed limit. :)

*emmett* ~ who follows all other traffic laws and only speeds to keep up with the flow of traffic... meaning the crazy former Southern Calfornians. :)

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