Thursday, April 1, 2004

National Stupid People Day

Well, it's April Fool's Day, but actually, yesterday was supposed to be April Fool's Day because this year was a Leap Year. And if you think with this logic, yesterday makes perfect sense. Yesterday in my life was... "National Stupid People Day". And *I* was not the only one celebrating this wretched holiday!

Stupid-Person Story #1: I go to school and I get my test back (which bumped my grade from an 87% to an "A"! Woohoo! I rock!). Anyway... the teacher was going over some test questions, and she said, "All animals have some sort of 'Play'?... True or False?" Okay... so yes, that questions is false because only mammals have some sort of 'Play', and I got that correct. Anyhow... the guy next to me says to me... "What?! No way! All animals play!" And I was like... "Andy, little lizards do *not* play. King Cobras... they don't play either!" And Andy says, "They're not animals!" LOL. Okay... this was so stupid, I couldn't even argue with him! I was just like... "Uhh... Andy? Shut up. Just shut up. If you're 19 and sitting in a college anthropology class and don't know this... well... sheesh." He finally realized that he was being way stupid. Yeah... I agree.

Stupid-Person Story #2: I went to the mall after school, and as I was driving home, there was a sign that said "Freeway, Left" so... naturally, when the light turned green, I turned left. BUT... I failed to actually *LOOK* to the left. If I had, I would have noticed that I was turning onto an opposite traffic one-way street. And guess who was the first car at that red light in the one-way lane? Yeah... a police car! He laughed. Yeah... he actually smiled and shook his head probably thinking, "This idiot doesn't know what the heck she's doing! Heh, heh, heh." I screamed. I threw my hands up in the air and actually screamed, "I don't know where I'm going! AHHH!" I stopped the car right in front of the cop, put my car in reverse, and continued to go where I was supposed to. Thank God there were no other cars so I didn't get in an accident. (The cop must have felt very sorry for me because he didn't even pull me over!)THEN... I finally get on the right street in the right direction, and I notice... I'm driving on the wrong side of the road! AHH! Again... I am *so* glad that there are no cars. I pull back into my lane and turn left to the safety of the freeway. Phew. Yeah... needless to say, that was really stupid. BUT... I can't say it was all my fault. I mean, the SIGN told me to turn left! So I did! Sheesh. :\

Stupid-Person Story #3: I go to pick up my husband from work. One of the guys he works with comes out and asks me if I can pick up his wife from the airport on Monday. I tell him, "I can't. I have a cultural anthropology test." And he says, "Huh... uhh... is that the one with Zeus and stuff?" I tried to hold in my laughter. "Uhhh... no. That's *mythology*. Cultural Anthropology studies human cultures." He was just like, "Oh... huh... okay."

So yeah... yesterday was weird. I'd like to stay inside all day today, but I can't. Old Navy is having a huge sale, and I'd like to get there when they open. :) Ciao.

*emmett* ~ who can't wait to get new shorts and flip-flops!

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