Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Car Butts.

I like to stare at the back of people's cars while idle (or driving slowly) behind them because it passes the time. I suppose you could say I check out their butts. :)

Some have expired plates because, well let's face it, who wants to pay over $300 to renew your plates in California?! Other cars have amusing (or non-amusing) bumper stickers. This one Ford Taurus had a sticker on the back that said, "You haven't been lei'd until you've been lei'd in Hawaii." Tee hee... that made me giggle. I looked up to see who would put something like that on the back of their car, and it was a set of grandparents! Ewww... "They're old!" I said to my husband. Then I look back down at the bumper to examine it for more bumper stickers. My eye caught their license plate frame. It said, "I'm not old." Ha ha ha. How ironic...

On my way to school yesterday, I was driving in back of a Volvo station wagon. Like usual, I examine the back of their car. No funny or stupid stickers. No cheesy license plate frame. But... their tags *were* expired. Now, I see these often. If I were a cop, I'd be reelin' 'em in! But this one, by far, takes the cake! Usually I see plates that are only one year past due. I once saw a truck with plates two years past due, but he wasn't driving it so I figured that was okay. But this Volvo? Umm... I considered taking down the license plate number or at least following it and taking a picture! LOL. Their tags said June 1998! 1998!! 19-friggin'-98! It's almost June 2004! This means their tags should say June 2005 in two months. Wholly-buckets, Batman, they owe the DMV an @$$-load of money!

When I bought my first car, my plates expired three months later. I didn't even notice until I came out of a movie theatre one night and walked back to my parked car. A cop had given me a ticket! Yes, he was patrolling the movie theatre parking lot for expired license plate tags. Craziness! Anyway, I didn't pay the ticket. I just paid for the renewal. They said that was fine. Minnesota DMVs are nice. :)

I have other neat stories to tell, but those will have to wait until tomorrow. I have to write a 5-page paper about chimpanzees. Yay! This should be fun. I love those little guys. :)

*emmett* ~ who only has one bumper sticker (much to her dismay) on the back of her car. It says, "Coastie Wife"... I suppose that one is okay. :)

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