Sunday, March 10, 2002

The Sleeping Pill

This one time...
I was at my sister Shaina's house, and she had a whole bottle of anti-depressants to help her sleep. Well, she said to me, "These pills don't work for me at all! They didn't even faze me! You can have them." Well, when I got home to my house, I decided to take one because I couldn't sleep very well. I figured they were mild so I didn't think it would be a bad idea to take the whole pill... I mean, they are so tiny... like smaller than Tic Tacs! So... I took one. And well, I slept for 29 hours. That's a long time. When I woke up, I had two grilled cheese sandwiches. And they tasted really good!
*emmett* ~ who takes a quarter of a sleeping pill from now on!

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