Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Attack of the Evil Ireland

Well, it's Tuesday... again. I seem to dread Tuesdays and Thursdays every week, hoping that next week, they won't be there. But they are! Last semester, I loved Thursdays, but this semester? notsomuch! I just dread walking into 'Our Modern Heritage' and seeing that short little brunette... we will call her... Ireland... you know, to protect the guilty. Ireland's one of those girls you love to hate. And she wouldn't respect our professor if someone paid her... well, maybe. Ireland tells the teacher when class SHOULD be over and that we should go by her own watch because 'that's the REAL time!' Maybe she hasn't yet realized that we're in college. Oh, Lord, give me the strength not to pound her.

Every day, I'm afraid to walk into that classroom. Fearing that one day, I will just snap and beat the living daylights out of Ireland. And everyone will say, "That Emmett.... she was such a nice girl. What happened to her?"

*emmett* ~ who is so incredibly ready for this semester to be over!

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