Thursday, March 14, 2002

Shaina's Insight.

Okay, so this one time...

My sister Shaina wrote me this email, and I thought that it was really funny so I thought I'd share it. So here it is. Enjoy.


Well, just so you know. It is hard to sit down and write my older, but not superior, sister. Just as you do, I drag myself out of an enormous pillow (some would like to call a bed) and get dressed. It seems weird to me that I have been dressing myself for about 14 years now and still have not gotten the phrase, "throw whatever’s clean on!" I find dressing a lot deeper than most. Do I wear the pink tank top, with the black sweater? Or the gray T-shirt, with the blue hooded jacket? These are just some of the dilemmas that I face within the first 10 minutes of my day, and don't even get me started on pants! You've got your blue jeans, your cords, drawstrings and flares. THAT'S IT! I give up! I am just going to wear a skirt! How many pairs of shoes go with a skirt? This is the exact thing I am always asking myself. Not many... I am telling you… the people that make dress shoes only think that you will be wearing them for a few hours. I mean, "COME ON!" I want something I can run in, jump up and down in, anything! That's it… tennis shoes! My problem is solved! Leaving me with 10 minutes to put my makeup on, and do something with this hair. Then in a flash, I am out the door… driving 30 minutes through the most boring landscape in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I could imagine it beautiful the first time ever seeing it, but after seeing the exact same trees… and cows, day, after day, after day. It just does not excite a person anymore. After seeing the meadows and cows slowly pass by, and going a whopping 25mph through town, I arrive at my destination, Work! Where I will spend the next four hours tying Raffia bows on little jars filled with 'runny fruit'! Once and a while getting the pleasure of talking with another person other than myself, or the lady that lives upstairs, who talks incessantly about her 100 lb. dog, she 'so affectionately' refers to as 'bonehead'. Thus ending my day and returning home, seeing the exact same things I saw 4 1/2 hours previous, but this time instead of running from them, I am headed straight for them. At last… home and a bit insane.

(Just a little insight on my life) Love, Shaina

Pretty funny, huh?! Yeah, my sister is quite witty. And she has the cutest babies! She just had twin girls: Alaura and Brenna. And boy are they cute! Have a good night!

*emmett* ~ who loves her sister and can't wait to see her and those cute little twins!

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