Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Is that a... crab?!

The other night when I was walking the puppies, we walked past the pool, and I swear there was a giant crab at the bottom! I stood there and stared at it for the longest time, but then I convinced myself it had to be leaves in an odd position because there is no way we have crabs here in this apartment complex... especially not one this size! It was HUGE! Like... the kind you eat!

Anyhow, today while I was walking the puppies, I walked past the pool, and somebody had thrown a baby doll in the garbage can in the pool area. I peeked through the bars into the trash to get a closer look, and lo and behold... a GIANT CRAB!! I could barely believe my eyes! There *had* been a crab in the pool! I suppose, somebody had bought one for dinner, and somebody else didn't like that idea too much.

Or maybe... somebody had a pet crab, and they wanted to see if chlorine was bad for it.

Or maybe... it was a bad crab, and they put it in the pool on purpose! Like that one time when my sister's hamster bit my dad, and he forced it to have a little 'boating accident' in the pool.

Or maybe... well, I'm sure there's lots of possiblities. And now I'll always wonder why there was a giant crab in my swimming pool. Weird!

*emmett* ~ who also noticed that the pool area reeked of seafood... so you never know, there could be more!

p.s. I finally got the picture on my page! Yay! Thanks to my extraordinarily talented and sexy hubby!

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