Saturday, March 13, 2004

I Just LOVE Doggy Products!

We went to Petsmart today to get some doggy treats and some doggy moisturizing shampoo (Ruby's skin is a bit dry). As we were checking out, the cashier looks up and says,

"Oh! Are these for your dog?!"

No lady... they're for me. Who wants Snickers bars when you can have beef n'cheese doggy treats? And that doggy moisturizing shampoo that smells like bugspray? That stuff is far better than that Pantene Pro-V crap! You should see it make my hair all nice and shiny! Pfff...

People's intellect (or lack thereof) will never cease to amaze me. She was a sweet cashier though. :)

*emmett* ~ who laughed herself all the way home to see her puppies

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