Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of my favorite booths at CHA this year was Sassafras. I must have gone back to visit like ten times. LOL. I loved the display. (Actually, their set-up was my very favorite and the most creative, in my opinion.) I loved the new lines. And I loved the staff and design team. They were just so much fun.

So I was SO excited when Studio Calico included some of the new lines in the past few kits. I let the Vintage Yummy just *stew* on my workspace for a bit... letting the inspiration sink in... let the creative ideas run wild in my head. Tee hee.

I made this dog treat container with some cardstock stickers (and Stickles!):
(The little dog is from K&Company. Thickers from American Crafts.)

I think the items I was looking forward to most from CHA were the die cut cards. LOVE. THOSE. I was STOKED when they came in a March add-on. Now I can't wait to get the other two sets. :D

I loved them so much that I really wanted them in my "new and improved" scrap space. Lucky for me, they were a *perfect* fit in my canvas bins that hold my punches. AND... (this is my favorite part), I didn't even have to give them labels because the shapes are perfect for what the bins are containing! (YAY!) Circles for circle punches. Squares for square punches. Flowers for floral (okay, I also have stars and hearts) punches! I smile every time I look at them.

And one of my new favorite things in my scrap space... My "I Heart Art" frame. This idea came to me as I sat in The Container Store 2008 Fiscal Year meeting. LOL. (I *was* listening too!) I came right home from the meeting to make this...

And this frame became the inspiration for my "new" room. I can't wait to post photos of my room. But this frame's colors and "vintage yummyness" go very well. :)


I love Sassafras.


Vanessa said...

oh man that I Heart Art is awesome!!! a GREAT use of the paper, very inspirational...cos i had no idea how i was going to cut that up!

Jenni said...

Super cute stuff with the Sass!!! Love it!

Kimberly said...

LOVING what you did with the Sass goods! AWESOME! xoxo

Kelly said...

WOW. Yummy Sass!!
Great job Reyanna xxx

Ayesha said...

im loving that frame im looking forward to seeing your room now lol

Ally said...

Yup - the Sass rocks!

Bashful said...

I *love* your "I heart art" frame! So cool! And I love what you're doing with your scrap room! I agree with the bold colors for your scrap space, calm colors for your bedroom. And I love your new clothes! (I'm so far behind on blogs, LOL.)

Houston said...

Very cool frame! I love that paper, someone came into our LSS the other day and had the nerve to say... "Why would anyone every want paper like that?" I gasped... not as big as yours :) and told her, politely "That is my favorite paper, I have three of every sheet and more of my favorites. I've already made several layouts with it." She looked at me as though I was an alien with three heads and wandered off down the aisle to buy marching band paper :P

april said...

i hadn't noticed you had that same top on as me, but now that you point it out, i think we must have great taste in clothes :)