Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So... I'm not feeling "it" in my studio. It's very pretty and lovely and everything, but it's not giving me the inspiration that I need. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE that shabby-chic/romantic cottage/French country decor. I have it in my bedroom and bathroom. But for my scrap space?! Meh... not exactly what I need in there.

So I decided to sit down and *really* think what has given me inspiration in the past several months. What has REALLY made me want to stand up and scrap (I'm a standing scrapper) or sit down and alter something (ironically enough, most times I alter on the floor)?!

Well, of course... Studio Calico. But what in particular... I thought.

September's kit, Iconic and add-on, Audrey. And March's kit, Garment District. and add-on, Chiffon. Do those have muted colors?! No. Pastels? No. That cozy, calm feeling I love so much? Umm... notsomuch.

And then it hit me... I don't WANT to feel cozy and calm (like I do in my bedroom...) in my scrap space. I want to feel energized! I want to feel excited to create! I want to feel giddy! I NEED those awesome, bright colors with cute, vintagey things in order to feel that way. I'm such a bonehead...

So... I made the decision to change it up. Hubby politely reminded me that I don't need to go *too* crazy and buy ALL kinds of things... spending money that doesn't really *need* to be spent (ironically, *I'm* the one who handles the finances... LOL). But I'm practical about these things, Dear. And I'm out to show the scrap world that you can have the MOST adorable scrap space without going over $100. And if I can stay under that, that would be fab. :)

My first purchase was from Crop, Paper, Scissors in Waco, Texas. A small flea market and scrapbook store in one?! Umm... yes, please! I found this adorable little (tiny doll sized) clothes hanger. I need to alter it in some way, so I'll post it when I do. :-) Liz (fellow SC-er... met her at the crop) made this with her hanger, and this photo does NOT do it justice. She is super-talented!

Next... found a super-cute little antique/vintage shop (next door to the candy shop I love so much in Downtown Austin), Off the Wall. And I found the following adorable things (including the table cloth)... all for $30...

With these things (along with thoughts and pieces from Iconic and Garment District) and other things I just happen to have laying around the house, I'm setting out to create a studio that inspires.

Wish me luck!

p.s. Tomorrow, I'll talk more about the crop and share a picture of the SC reunion we had. Yay!


lauren said...

That's AWESOME what you discovered! And you are sure doing better then me! Although a lot of my space redo is only hung up because of limited fundage.

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see it ;o)

stephanie howell said...

super cute!
and gosh- austin is EXPENSIVE!
wish you would have been able to hit up the flea market here!