Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So... I needed a new purse. I hadn't gotten a new purse in two years. I searched and searched for the perfect purse... *sigh*... to no avail.

And then I headed to Etsy. I think I just typed in "Amy Butler purse," so that I could find the yellow/grey print (in 2nd photo) in *some* type of style. I looked at HUNDREDS of purses. I really wanted a cute style... unique... with personality. And it HAD to be the perfect size... to fit my wallet, day planner, sunglasses, reusable bag and a small water bottle.

I happened upon the store, ChasingElephants. I LOVED the style of the Huckleberry (and loved her other stuff too), so I emailed her to find out if she'd be willing to do a custom order. And she was. :) Yay.

So I had planned on getting ONE purse. One with the grey/yellow Amy Butler fabric, but first I wanted to make sure the purse was the right size and style, so I purchased one (Amy Butler red with white polka-dots) she already had in her shop. It doesn't really "go" with my wardrobe, but it was SO cute, and I figured I could just give it to my sister (who would LOVE it) after I carried it a few times. :)

The purse arrived. Perfect. Perfection. I wanted it a bit thicker, and Stephanie (who is wonderful and sweet and lovely) came through. But while I was looking for fabrics at QuiltHome (to see if perhaps I liked one better than the Amy Butler), I happened upon this gem by Heather Bailey (in 1st photo). *sigh*

It was SO beautiful. And lovely. And soft. And warm. And lovely. And wonderful. And I couldn't decide between the two. So... I figured... hey, they're really not *that* expensive. Three of Stephanie's purses are half the price of ONE Coach purse. LOL.

What price can you put on a homemade, one-of-a-kind, I'm-the-only-person-in-the-world-with this-*exact*-purse purse? Ummm... none. None, I tell you.

And that is the story of how I got the two (okay... three) most beautiful purses in the entire world. :D


rmeyfe said...

Love that grey and yellow pattern!!

Dalon said...

oh that is SO the way to do it ... when you find what really "fits" when you weren't exactly looking for it? I call that perfection! congrats to you!!! (I'm off to find a new purse for the new season - yahoo!!)

Denise said...

They are beauties! I bought my last purse on etsy, too. Is there nothing you can't find on that site? I think not. :o)

vtpuggirl said...

They are both amazing purses for a perfectly unique you! I love, love the first one esp! But I guess I can't have it, because then there would be two of us. :)

Vikki said...

Reyanna! Where's a picture of your 3rd purse? Did you give it to your sister already? I just love the first purse picture- such a springy look.

Bashful said...

It never occurred to me to go to Etsy for a purse, but it will now. :-)

(Gosh, Reyanna, you are such an enabler, LOL. I always want to go shopping after I read your blog.) :-)