Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So at noon yesterday, I get a call from my friend Katey. She asks me if I want to come lay out. I don't lay out. I'm just very pale, and I burn SO easily, and laying out is just not something I enjoy.

But I really wanted to hang out with Katey. So I jumped in my car and headed over there.

Before I left the house, I realized I'd need sunscreen, but remembered that I had sent it with Jeremy on his business trip. Ah well. I'll just borrow Katey's...

But Katey's sunscreen?! SPF 4. I should have known right then. I should have remembered back when I was 13, got burnt, and went through the very traumatic experience of being called "Racoon Eyes" for two weeks. I should have set a timer for 20 minutes. I should have worn clothes. Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.

Notsomuch. When I got home, I was a *bit* pink. Went to work, and they all noticed I was a *bit* pink. They asked to see my tummy... a *bit* pink.

And three hours later?! I almost cried sitting down for my break. My jeans rubbed against my burn, and OH.MY.GOD... that hurt. I rushed into the Ladies' Room to check out the damage.

OH.MY.GOD. I could barely move. I was in SO much pain. I haven't been this burnt since... well, I don't even *remember*! I was limping as I left The Container Store. The manager on duty goes, "Are you limping?! Were you limping earlier?!" Uhh... no. I was not limping earlier. My sun burn HURTS. HURTS SO BAD.

When I got home and got undressed, I almost cried at the vision in the mirror. I look like I let someone PAINT on me!

Aloe, vinegar, cold water, ibuprofen... all my friends right now. :)

There is a silver lining... since Katey and I lost track of time (obviously), we also forgot to "turn" and let the sun also get our backs. So I ONLY have this horrific burn on my front (you know... except for where my bikini was... that's white as Bazzill's white cardstock).

Why is this a silver lining, you ask?! (Not counting how ridiculous I look from the side...) I can lie on my back, and it doesn't hurt at all! So there you go... at least I can lie on my back!

Sitting? Walking? Wearing clothing? Not three of my favorite things today.

I also wanted to share this fun project... :D

[Products used: Studio Calico April kit (Hambly rub-on, Sassafras paper whimsies), Jillibean Soup (papers, alphas, journaling spots), Crop-A-Dile, book ring, staples.]

Craft Critique is celebrating Earth Day, and I made this little project to show how you can recycle and re-use supplies. :) The front and back covers of this book were made from 12x12 chipboard sheets that came in packages of patterned paper or cardstock. :)

This book took me under 30 minutes to complete, and it was a lot of fun. (I ended up giving it to hubby because he really liked it.)

Please leave me some *cool* thoughts... ;-)


Alex Hardy said...

Yoweee Zoweee!
A long soak with some Aveeno might help ... or just being nekked. LoL

Alex Hardy said...

ETA: cute mini

Karen said...

so sorry you are burned....try some aloe with lidocaine in it. It should help. i also hear vinegar works....i have not tried it...too smelly for me!

april said...

oh, you poor thing. as a fellow whitey, i can empathize. i can't be out for more than 10min and not burn....

Chunka Malunka said...

you donut!
But think in 3 days (when you can move) how golden that will be. And you can also have fun peeling off the bubbly skin....yay!

nicole said...

holy cow...now THAT looks painful! i'm the same way...so, just call me powder! {i'd rather that than burn!}.

Vera said...

OUCH on the burn! Love that little book!

Bashful said...

Oh Reyanna, what have you done?! Gosh, that looks painful! I have no suggestions better than what you're already doing, but I'll send some nice freshly-chilled Pixie Dust your way.

(I love the little mini-book!)

Lyn said...

Those water bottles are very cool! And would probably help me drink more water each day!
I hope your sunburn heals soon! Ouch!

Michelle Springer said...

My skin hurts looking at this picture. Sun burns are the worst. Hopefully by now, it has turned into a nice tan :)