Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Forgetting Breakfast and Lunch.

This guy...

Yeah, that one right there! Just in case, you couldn't tell by this photo, he is silly. Very silly.

He came home from work today, and he was a little hyper. Okay, a lot hyper. This surprised me quite a bit because he left the house this morning at 7 am... without me making him his usual breakfast and sack lunch. He arrived home at about 8:15 pm. A LONG day.

His hyper-activity was still going strong at around 9 when we sat down for a late dinner. Here's what went down.

Jeremy: I just ate TWO pieces of chicken! And rice! And green beans!

Reyanna: Two?! (These were HUGE chicken breasts!) Wow, you were hungry! Did you not eat lunch?

Jeremy: Umm... well, I only ate one of the sandwiches I made.

Reyanna: What kind was it?

Jeremy: Ummm... errr.... uhhh... Nutella and jelly sandwich. It was REALLY sweet!

Reyanna: Umm... yeah! That's almost pure sugar between bread! Silly! You're supposed to have Nutella and peanut butter or peanut butter and jelly!

Jeremy: Yeah, I couldn't remember, and I didn't want to wake you up this morning. And then as I was eating my sandwich, I thought, "Whoa! This is sweet! OH! I bet I was supposed to put *peanut butter* with the Nutella! NOT jelly!"

Reyanna: Holy cow! Did you eat anything else?

Jeremy: I bought some candy because this convenient store was having a special: 50% off! So I bought four packages of sour gummy candy.

Reyanna: So... all you ate all day was a Nutella and jelly sandwich and four packages of sour gummy candy? Did you drink some water with that?

Jeremy: No, I had Gatorade! That's good, right?!

Reyanna: *laughing* Umm... honey, Gatorade is almost pure sugar!

Jeremy: Maybe it was PowerAde...

Reyanna: Still has sugar. Sheesh! No wonder you're so hyper! Man, you're gonna crash in about an hour! *laugh*

Jeremy: Oops.

Tee hee. So yeah. That's what happens when I'm too tired to wake up to make him breakfast and lunch.

Yes, I learned my lesson. Yes, I will be going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up early to make breakfast and lunch for my Silly Mister.

Yes, I'm still giggling at his silliness.

Good thing he's cute. :-)


Caroline said...

hahaha, nutella and jelly?! sounds kinda gross!

but now i want nutella!

milkcan said...

That made me giggle!