Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Couponning Can Be Fun!

So... my sister is obsessed with the Krazy Coupon Lady. And I wanted to get in on the money-saving action too, so I thought I'd take up some couponning. :-)

My sister has a binder, and I made this to slide in the front cover's pocket:
(Papers/Thickers: American Crafts, Alpha Stickers: Doodlebug, Lady: Studio Calico)

How cute is that Studio Calico lady?! So perfect with her little purse! :-) (When I showed my sister, she said, "Oh! This is SO cute! And I LOVE her dress!" Tee hee.) Now I just need to make a label for the spine and some cute page for the back cover. :-) Yay! She'll have the cutest coupon binder ever. :-)

And I don't need a whole binder, but I did need a few pockets for my planner! I didn't really want to pay $12 for their pockets (though cute and handy!). I knew if I made my own they'd be WAY cuter and... you know... free! ;-)

In each pack of refills (notebook paper, calendar pages, etc) come some chipboard sheets to use to divide your planner (or maybe they just put those in there, so the pages don't get bent in the packaging.... LOL). Either way, they were perfect (with the holes already there)! I just needed to add a strip of paper to make a pocket and some cute details!

Papers/FabRips: Studio Calico, Alphas: October Afternoon, Border Punch: Fiskars
Butterfly punch (punched with Little Yellow Bicycle paper): Martha Stewart

I'll probably make two more for grocery coupons and Target too. Heeee! :-D

Do you have a special place for your coupons (if you use them) and receipts? I love to hear how people organize these types of things. :-)


Jacquie said...

Pretty darn cute Reyanna! I may need to make one of these!

Briana Johnson said...

my goodness - that is waaaaay cuter than anything you could buy! That SC lady was made for this! And the title is way cute too. Awesome SC PP for the inner pockets. Great project!

Stacy said...

I have found that the most important thing to do is to mark on your grocery list if you have a coupon for an item, like this:

yogurt (c)

The "(c)" reminds me that I have a coupon for that item and should look at it to make sure I am buying the right item/quantity. Have fun couponing!

Jody said...

Not only are you adorable, but you're very clever indeed ;)

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway said...

love this tons

Keshka said...

I love this project! Sounds like your wisdom teeth experience was super crazy--ouch! I am so glad I only have 4 total so I won't have to do that again! I have a follow up appointment on Monday and I'm so worried they'll want to give me a shot for some reason!