Thursday, June 17, 2010

Winning a Watch and Visiting Shamu!

So... there's a Fossil watch giveaway over at Creature Comforts. Get this... you get to CHOOSE which watch you want (under $125) if you win! How cool is that?!

I think I'd want this one...

And though I don't really *like* bling, this one is just very unusual, so that makes me like it. LOL.

The first one is definitely more *me*, but I think it would be cool to own a watch that's super unusual like the 2nd one. LOL. So I'd probably go with the 2nd one! I need to branch out more... you know, get out of my clean and simple box. :-)


And this last Saturday, Jeremy's parents invited us to Sea World! Yay! The Sea World in San Antonio also has a water park inside, so that's pretty cool. It was about 96 degrees and super humid. We stayed for about five hours, and we were VERY hot and tired when we left. LOL.

Just some of the photos we took... (we didn't bring the BIG camera. I guess we should have for the Shamu show... LOL).

The first thing we did was go to the Shamu show. It was VERY different since the trainer died in Orlando. I was glad they were being safe. :-) They had a baby whale... only FIVE months old! She was timid, and didn't come out of the water much. But oh, how cute!

These next two photos were taken at the END of the day. You can see how tired I look! LOL. I asked Jeremy to smile for the camera, but he turned around and kissed me instead. That was just fine with me. :-)

Then , I get one of his Silly Mister looks...

While resting at a cafe, they had this show for the kids... with dancing and singing. It was HILARIOUS! This guy on the left and all those characters dancing to crazy music! HA! We were laughing SO hard!

And of course, I couldn't leave without getting a handstand photo. I haven't done one in SO long! I had to walk in this one, so it's very uneven. I may or may not be getting too old for this. Tee hee. Ah well. :-p

More projects and organization coming soon! :-)


Amy Coose said...

Great pics, and your handstand is awesome!

Bashful said...

No, no, no... you are not getting too old, okay? I love your handstand photos!

Marit said...

I like the silly mister look and I LOVE the photo of you on your hands... oh wow... how old are you again? Not half my age I guess, but I couldn't do it as a child either (only against a wall *teehee*) so you win anyway and believe me, someone who can do this is NEVER old!!!