Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pondering 28 Things.

So... with April's Studio Calico kit, I decided to make a mini album. I didn't really know what I was making it *about*; I just really wanted to make a mini album. Tee hee. And I wanted it to be journaling *only* because I wanted to use my journaling stamp lots and lots... and lots. Ha! (Okay, and I really wanted to use the new Studio Calico rub-ons! EEE!)

This is the front:

The inside is simple, colorful, and has spaces for journaling (thanks to the awesome stamp, a trimmer and my trusty corner rounder...) and one photo of me in my super-cool "28" shirt! ;-) So now I just need to come up with the 28 things. *sigh*

I can't believe my 28th year is almost over! It's gone by so quickly! But Jeremy says I can still say I'm 28 if I want. I can just say, "I'm 28! .... plus one (or you know, plus twelve... whatever)." Tee hee.

Otay, umm... let's see...

1. I live on PB sandwiches, quesadillas, chocolate milk, french fries and iced tea.

2. For the first time in my life, I LOVE my wardrobe!

3. I feel like a mom already... without a baby. Some day... :-D

4. Creating makes me very giddy.

5. I NEVER leave home without water or lip stuff.

6. I don't like spending a lot of time online.

7. I watch Friends, Love Actually, 50 First Dates, and You've Got Mail WAY too much. :-)

8. I need a nap every day, or my body just doesn't work.

9. I never thought I'd be childless and jobless at this age, but I'm learning to be okay with that... for now. ;-)

10. I LOVE Texas weather!

11. I listen to Christian music, Glee soundtracks, and a single playlist I made on iTunes. That's about it.

12. I can't sleep without earplugs... or Jeremy. ;-)

13. I promised myself I wouldn't choose my children's names before they were born, but I have already... tee hee.

14. People usually think I look 20.

15. I LOVE our pets (Ruby, Amber and Kissa). They make me so happy. :-)

16. I miss coaching gymnastics, but I don't want to go back. LOL.

17. My house is VERY organized.

18. I LOVE the color blue (in all shades).

19. My other favorite colors are green, peach, and yellow. And white! Does that count?

20. When I don't get to spend a lot of time with Jeremy, I get cranky. :-p

21. I can still hold a handstand.

22. I think too much. About everything.

23. I still love dolls and stuffed animals. I'd probably buy lots if Jeremy didn't stop me.

24. I talk on the phone. A lot.

25. I'm still in shock that we own a house.

26. I spend a lot of time with Elizabeth... as much as I can! :-D

27. I LOVE talking to my grandparents.

28. I want to be 28 forever.

Okay. Perhaps I'll change a few, but for now, this looks good to me. :-) Now I'll have to write them in my mini, so I can post inside pics. Yay. :-)

Have you made *your* list this year? :-D


Melissa said...

I love the cover of your mini! I can totally relate to number 22 on your list, I think way too much too!

Briana Johnson said...

i just totally adore your cover. The colors and the rub on like that. And look at you finding that nightstand! You really did a bang up job on that. I love your new bed.

The Dreaming Bear said...

Greetings from Iowa! Found your blog this morning, and it's so delightful!!! Will definitely be back! Loved your list of 28 things. Congrats on nearly completing your 28th year! ha!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Cuuuuute mini! Love your list and getting to know you even better :)

milkcan said...

Loooooooove your list!

Bashful said...

Very cool list! And yes, I think "white" counts.

What? You want *me* to do a list now? Are you kidding? I'm not 28 anymore... I'd have to come up with ... well... a LOT of things! LOL.

Megan said...

Love this happy list. It's so you. And the album is super cute. I hope you'll post inside pics when it's done.

Keep smiling!