Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Altering Is SO Fun!


I love to alter stuff. LOVE it. I haven't done it in a while, but now, I'm totally in the *altering mood*! :-D

I got this box at a thrift store... I'm pretty sure it was $0.79 (that's what the price-tag on the bottom said... LOL.) It was totally falling apart, and honestly, I can't believe I didn't alter it sooner. I think it's because the original color/design matched my former blue, shabby chic scrap room. And the fact that it was falling apart was just driving me NUTS! I couldn't take it anymore...

And it was VERY hard for me to cover up this cute old woman's writing:

I mean, how cute is that?! She kept her long nylons in here! ;-) I figured a photo would suffice because I REALLY wanted it to be adorned with October Afternoon paper. :-D

And the after shots...

(Paper: October Afternoon, FabRips: Studio Calico, Flower: Creative Imaginations, Brad: Pink Paislee)

Yummy. :-) Pure blue, green and white loveliness.

I've said it before, but Studio Calico FabRips are PERFECT for altering stuff! Seriously! I've used those for this box, a canister, a journal, scrap pages.... probably something else too, and I LOVE them.

I keep cards I make in this box. They collect in there until I have a big stack to send to my mother-in-law. She loves cards. :-) There are also a few in there that *I* need to send out... LOL.

More altering to come... ;-) Thanks for stopping by!


Christa said...

It looks great Reyanna!!
Love the colors you used!

j.leija said...

oh so pretty! i too would have had a hard time covering up her handwriting!

Melissa said...

So cute! I love the colors! I would have had a hard time covering up the handwriting too, so sweet!

Susan Weinroth said...

oh WOW! so pretty! this is just gorgeous reyanna!

Anonymous said...

Love that box! So cute :) I have to start altering things too - that's something I'm not good at.

Kasey said...

This is so gorgeous!
I love the pattern and colors.

Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog!
I love your blog, too. :)


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Verrry cute! Good job, it looks like it came that way :)

Keshka said...

Oh Reyanna, this is so cute! And you're right, I am SO pumped about graduating! So glad to be done, as much as I loved school!