Friday, May 14, 2010

Talking? No, thank you.

I'm taking a vow of silence. Okay, not really. But kinda...

Let the vocal rest commence.

So... I've been on vocal rest for the past... umm... okay, only 90 minutes. But guess what?! I already am feeling better!

The doctor now thinks my breathing problems are stemming from dysfunctional vocal cords (not letting me breathe properly) and causing my cough to be worse (and why I can't stay well for more than a few months). She said that if I give my voice a rest, she thinks I'll feel MUCH better.

Now, for those of you who know me, this is no easy feat. ;-) But darn it, coughing so much has given me too much pain and stuff, so I'm willing to try ANYTHING! Bad news though... if this *does* end up helping, it means I'll have to take *more* vocal rests in the future. *sigh*

Well, you know... maybe it's God's way of telling me to finally be quiet! ;-) Or maybe this really is a sign that I need to become a sign language interpreter (something that I've really been wanting to do for the past 12 years)... ;-)

Or maybe, I just need a break...

Thanks for listening to me ramble! Please let me know if you stopped by... being online is my only method of communication right now! :-D


Brittany Cleberg said...

I came, I saw, and I left my comment. Enjoy your vocal rest. Also, get some sleep!!! =)

Angela S said...

Goodness, Reyanna. I hope you get better soon.

Dalon said...


so sorry to hear that you have to rest your voice because sometimes that just makes it hard to function BUT it sounds healthy not only for your voice, but I'm sure for your mind as well :-)

um ... can I get one of those prescriptions??? pleez!?!??!!

Katey said...

is this something that can be medically fixed or do you just need to "rest" everytime this happens?? hope everything else is well with the new place and all!!

Caroline said...

awww i hope you're feeling better!!

and guess what?
now I'M sick. ugh :(